Low Hanging Fruit

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Yesterday we had a scrum with all the initiative owners for D8, and we were discussing tools that could be used for the initiative owners to help communicate with contributors and organize information (one of our biggest pain points at the moment.) Obviously this group has been doing a lot of work around this. Therefore I ask (on our behalf) if there are items you have identified that are low hanging fruit we could grab and work on but would still provide high impact. Anything on the level of 'rearchitect the whole page' is too much, but something small like 'add an issue summary field' is something we can start maybe getting some traction around. The items we talked about were

  • Ability to relate issues to each other
  • Ability to specify an issue as dependent on another issue
  • Issue summaries

Anything along those lines would be great to hear about. I've followed on and off a lot of the discussions here, but its hard for me mentally to break those big changes down into more manageable chunks.



Relating issues to each

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Relating issues to each other, http://drupal.org/node/1060798 would do this automatically, and with (afaik) only configuration changes needed on d.o.

We might want to add nodereferences as well at some point (especially things like parent issues and dependencies), but the two would complement each other rather than being competing.

edit: forgot to link to discussion in here as well, http://groups.drupal.org/node/136179

topic page

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The most "ready" for implementation of all the top priorities we have is now Topic page - http://groups.drupal.org/node/144584
We are currently working on the last wireframes of missing details and visual design of the page itself. It is not really a small thing as you asked about, but we identified it as supposedly most easy/fast to implement of everything we discuss here. So maybe you could start thinking/discussing how can we implement it. If not the full functionality, maybe at least some basics? For example, adding topic tag to content and aggregating content of a topic on one page. Then next step would be adding "follow" functionality and notifications.

Possibly also

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Enable apachsolr 'related posts' block for issues (and forums?)

Provide a mechanism to flag individual comments as issue summaries

Unfortunately it looks like

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Unfortunately it looks like the Flag issue is dead because of the reluctance to install Flag on d.o. There are some other solutions being discussed but that is a bummer.

I commented on the related posts block. It's not quite what I'd like (I'd rather choose the related posts) but it should be an easy win.

Actual low-hanging fruit

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Cross-posting my comment from http://drupal.org/node/569552#comment-4491266 as I think that the point of heyrocker's post was lost in the larger picture of the Prairie Initiative work.

Said in the least contentious voice possible:

Why can't we implement a few of the small, easy to address, and most needed changes (eg. issue relationships and a sprint/phase field - tying commits may be harder, I'm not sure?) fairly immediately, so that we have the tools we need in the interim? The Prairie Initiative has turned into a massive project that will take a lot of time and effort, and it would seem it's delaying some of these low-hanging fruit that would be so helpful.

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http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/?issue_tags=prairie will show up most of the issue queue-specific ones.
dww has a long list of possibly related oldies here: http://drupal.org/node/1080550

It would even help Prairie along as well: we'll need to get the technical perspective on what is low hanging & effective here and start chipping away. Help us find and do the most effective ones. http://drupal.org/node/1060798 for example.

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Cross linking this one too

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