Chennai Lunch Meet

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2008-09-19 03:00 - 05:00 Etc/GMT+5
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User group meeting

How about we all meet for Lunch Friday 1.00PM - 3.00PM. Anybody, care to join and meet for lunch and talk Drupal?

Change in Venue It's Amethyst Coffee Shop, Jeypore Colony, Gopalapuram.

For any clarifications call 9884162238.

See you All. Please confirm, to help me book the table.



Chennai Lunch Meet

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Good idea!
I am for it..

Hi all

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Hi all,

I am a beginner to Drupal and joined this group recently. Can I also participate?



Sure Muruganantham. Please

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Sure Muruganantham. Please join us.

Any Suggestions for Venu?

Netlink Technologies Ltd

Would Saturday be suitable

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Dear All,

Friday is a working day and there are always conference calls and deliverables. Would Saturday suit better?


Join us for a couple of

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Join us for a couple of hours! It's only during Lunch time?

Netlink Technologies Ltd

Fine for me

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I will join. Is it this friday?

the day where CMS will be easy snow falls at Chennai... OOOPS ... Done

Cheers to all

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I could not be able to come bcz of two reasons . First one is i am in fasting and the second is its a working day..
so good luck to all

Meet you all next time.

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On behalf of GlobalEnglish India Private Limited,
Due to our tight work schedule we are unable to attend this meet up.
We will catch up with you all next time.

Please post the moment of the meeting, for the guys who are interested but could not attend the meeting.

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Amethyst Coffee Shop,
Jeypore Colony,


Take a left next to Hotel Saravana Bhavan which is near by NEW COLLEGE...

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Dear All!

Meet for Lunch @ Amethyst went well... with a good strengh...

hi to all

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hi to all

am new to this drupal user group

still am not started to study drupal ... how can i participate as a newbie in this group ?

when and where the meet will be conducted in chennai ? monthly or weekly ?

please inform to me the details to me

thank u bye take care

Looks you are replying two year old comments

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Looks you are replying two year old comments. It was for 2008

Mandakini Kumari