Drupal and Checkstyle

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I'm working on integrating Jenkins with my development workflow, and I want to use Jenkin's checkstyle plugin to make sure my code follows drupal's coding standards. Is there a checkstyle configuration out there already for drupal's coding standards?


Interested in it too

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I'm interested in integrating jenkins in my workflow too.
Besides I want to have eclipse auto-completion for drupal hooks in eclipse.
I'm looking forward for this topic to grow.

I haven't found a checkstyle

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I haven't found a checkstyle config, but I found this patch that lets drush run the coder module and output checkstyle xml format, which jenkins should be able to parse.

I also found this patch that similarly outputs junit xml form for simpletest, which jenkins can parse.

Some links documenting what other people have done to automate deployment using Jenkins: