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Here's a rundown of various multiple file upload module options if you need to get many files up to your site on a regular basis.

Module Name D5 D6 D7 D8 Project Description
File Resumable Upload - - Y - Aka file_resup, it adds large files multiple and resumable upload to the File and Image field widgets.
HTML5 Drag & Drop File - - Y - "HTML5 drag & drop + HTML5 file upload with XHR2. Allows the user to drag & drop files into a Image/File Field and uploads it immediately behind the scenes. In theory it should work for as many files as the field allows."
Drag & Drop Upload - - Y - "This module provides a Drag & Drop Upload element and widgets for a File and an Image fields."
Bulk Media Upload - - Y - With Bulk Media Upload you can upload a bunch of files and a new node, taxonomy term, or other entity will be created for every file.
Directory based organisational layer - - Y - "This module adds a new organizational layer to drupal, making it easy for managing large numbers of files and nodes. It allows the creation of onthefly directory structures and upload of mutliple files at once. Jpeg files are displayed as slideshows, other files can be downloaded from a block."
Aurigma Mass Uploader for CCK - Y - - The Aurigma Uploader for Imagefield module integrates the commercial Aurigma Image Uploader with Drupal. Multiple images are uploaded in a single batch into a multiple imagefield.
Image FUpload - Y - - Image FUpload (Multiupload) which is an addition to image and CCK's imagefield module, gives the ability to every user who is allowed to upload images by using image module or imagefield module, to upload multiple images with one simple click. All selected images are uploaded via a flash module (swfupload) and are automatically processed.
Plupload integration - Y Y - Provides integration between for the Plupload widget to upload multiple files and Drupal. Plupload is a GPL licensed multiple file uploading tool that can present widgets in Flash, Gears, HTML 5, Silverlight, BrowserPlus, and HTML5 depending on the capabilities of the client computer.
FileField Sources Plupload - - Y - This module integrates Plupload Integration module with FileField Sources, so that the Plupload widget can be added to regular file and image fields, as well as other supported file widgets - including crop widgets
SWFUpload - Y Y - The SWFUpload module for Drupal provides a widget for CCK's Filefield and uses the SWFUpload library to allow multiple file uploads simultaneous.
jUpload for Imagefield Y? Y - - Have you ever wished you could upload a group of images at once to an imagefield? The jUpload for Imagefield module (jifupload) integrates the JUpload Java applet with the ImageField module for CCK. Multiple images are uploaded in a single batch into an imagefield set for multiple values.
Uploadify - Y - - Integrate the Uploadify JS library with CCK.
Plup - - Y - Integrate Plupload library with Drupal's image field as field widget and allows user to upload multiple images at once in multiple queues.
Multiupload Filefield Widget - - Y - This module uses the 'multiple' attribute of html5 to presents a widget called 'Multiple' that can be used with fields of type File.
Different approach, same outcome...
ImageField Zip/HTML5 Bulk Upload - Y - - This is a helper module for ImageField. When uploading multiple images for imagefields with multi-values or inside of a multi-group, this module adds the ability to upload multiple images in zip files OR with an html5 multiple upload field instead of uploading each file individually.
Imagefield Import Y Y - - Imagefield Import allows users with the proper permissions to import a large number of images into a CCK content type which contains a filefield or an imagefield. The module can grab titles and descriptions using EXIF or IPTC. Note: To use this module you must be able to upload images to your server via FTP, SCP, or other methods.
jQuery File Upload - - Y - The jQuery File Upload module provides a block that can be placed anywhere on your Drupal site, It implements a sophisticated jQuery File Uploader that allows multiple file uploads, each with it's own progress bar and a global progress bar, each file upload can be cancelled, or the whole batch can be cancelled at once
JUpload - - Y - Simple JUpload implementation that works well with large files (> 2GB). Unlike jUpload for Imagefield which uses chucking to send the file to PHP which requires server side resources, JUpload uses old school FTP over port 21 to transfer the files.
Bulk File Nodes - - Y - Bulk File Nodes allows a user to upload or import many files at once, and have many individual nodes created, one for each file . Where this module significantly differentiates from other modules like Bulk Media Upload is that after uploading/importing the file(s), the user is given the opportunity to edit all of the fields for each node in a single form.
Plupload widget - SB - - It provides a field widget derived from plup for image field that allow user to upload multiple images at once using fancy interface.
HTML5 Upload - - SB - This modules should be regarded a streamlined solution for batch-uploading of images (and other files) for Drupal 7 in modern (HTML5 compliant) browser, nothing more.

There are also a WEALTH of file management modules that looks a bit like an FTP client screen some of which are independent of node edit pages.

That comparison is here:


My situation with these modules...

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I could not get Image FUpload to work and found two very long threads about it not working for MANY other people since 2009. Not sure what's up with that. Perhaps the Image module side of it works better and gets more dev love.

The Plupload module is used to automatically create nodes, which wasn't what I needed.

The SWFUpload module worked PERFECTLY for what I needed. Just improving the workflow of a normal multiple upload field. It provides thumbnails, keeps reordering, removal and progress.


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this is a wiki page and you are very welcome to update the data!

Just broke it into columns.

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Just broke it into columns. Any new research?

They are an interesting

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They are an interesting "HTML5 Upload" in sandbox

Small and clean.


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If anyone is wondering, the sandbox code is for Drupal 7. Drupal 6 code that works with CCK multi fields is ImageField Zip/HTML5 Bulk Upload. Getting my module to work with FileFields is fairly easy to do; I just have no incentive to do so at my work (patches welcome).

Which plupload module for Drupal 7

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Sorry but I can't get what is the difference between the 3 plupload modules for drupal 7

Are these competiting or completing each other?
As I understood I can use plup without installing any of the other two.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one?

I think the module

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I think the module maintainers have already spelled this out pretty well. I'm basically just highlighting what's already on the project pages...

Plup "provides a field widget for IMAGE field" while Plupload "provides a widget to upload multiple FILES" and includes integration with MEDIA.

Field Field Source Plupload extends Plupload to any field using FileField Sources. It requires both FileField Sources and Plupload Integration modules and allows additional functionality through field widgets including "cropping widgets, like the excellent Manual Crop".

The only real confusion would be around using Media for Images, but that really has nothing to do with the Plupload integration.

Bulk media upload

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There is also the bulk media upload module -

(sorry - I haven't the time to add it to the list right now.)

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I just need to upload dozens of photos on a single node and show them under each other.

Reading this page I will try::

Then I will report, but if you already know that I am wrong and should use another easier module please tell me :-)

Thank you.

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My experience with these 3 modules: I still cannot upload mulitple pics to a PAGE node.

Tried to create IMAGE content and upload 2 pictures, got VALIDATION ERROR.
Tried to add multiple pictures to a PAGE node and couldn't find how to do at first, and finally I understood that I had to add a field in my PAGE node, but still I got a validation error after uploading 2 pictures.


I found how to use it here:
I did all then got:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function jquery_ui_add() in on line 89

I was not able to use any so I am still trying to upload multiple pictures on my node content easily instead of uploading them 1 by 1 in TnyMce editor.

Any help welcome, thanks.

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I finally managed to do it by using
(to bulk upload files with IMCE and send them to HTML EDITOR, but the problem is that we can upload many in 1 time but then we have to send them 1 by 1 to the editor)

(to upload files directly to your node, in a field)

But it seems that the maximum allowed is to upload 10 pictures per node ?

Still trying :-)

Added a new module: File Resumable Upload

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Feel free to improve description.

Review of current situation / status

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Here´s a review of the current / latest modules:


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What module does work correct

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What module does work correct with Android/iOS devices?