Dec. 18 IRC meeting Summary and Log

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This is a summary of the IRC meeting held December 18. The IRC log is available here:

- The KDI sprint funding is pending so I'm starting to plan doc sprints for next year at camps around the world. If folks are aware of camps being planned, please keep me in the loop for a potential sprints.

  • Re: the OG vs mailing list conversation, Moshe is open to tieing the two together but none of the current solutions are solid. I'll be getting more info on what's needed and who might help in the next few weeks.

**Status on Theme guide reorg
Overall the shake has been good and major pieces ahve been moved. We had an extended discussion about using Diigo and agreed that it is a useful tool with a few questions and caveats. We need to write up a doc about how we want to use Diigo; best practices, conventions, etc.

**More Getting Started org discussion
Most of the meeting was spent discussing organizational issues for the getting Started book (some initial discussion here: For now, we'll leave the D5 GS guide alone and start a rework with the D6 guide. We already moved the Install section up to a top level in the book. We'll do the same for Build and Admin sections, i.e. move that info out of, up a level and then removing the Drupal 6 landing page. Read the transcript, starting on line 90, to see the whole discussion.

**Talk about redesign status
MBD contract is over and they have delivered the style guide. Implementation will need to be done by the community and the exact next steps aren't dtermined yet. The Infra group ( is beginning work to split sites out and work on the upgrade to D6.

**Discuss the new help system in core issues
We ran out of time to talk about this one, so we'll move this to the top of the next meeting agenda.