Standard site name for Drupal Camps

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Drupal camps have been very valuable sources for learning many things from Gigs and also update with new stuff. Its really useful to watch videos/slides after the camp is done but everyone having different names based on their group, year which really confuse a lot, I mean they can any name they want but the site name for all the Drupal camps I feel should be consistent so I don't need to track or search for it.

My suggestion is:


For ex:

This way I know exact site name so I don't need to search every time. They can still have different names like New York city Drupal camp, Bay area Drupal camp,etc..

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re: standard site names for Drupalcamps

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Thanks for your suggestion Mahesh. We went with for our camps since we felt we could keep that domain going over time, independent of the year or the number of the camp within a given year. Nothing is set in stone, and in fact if the Drupal Association was interested in hosting the domain, we could every one of us branch off that. I wonder if it will all converge to that someday.

For now, it is kind of cool how all the different cities, towns, states, and countries do their camps a little (or a whole lot) differently. For our part, we're working on implementing new ideas during the planning process, and one of the organizers among us, @Willyk, is even scribing our best practices to contribute back.

Thanks again for sharing, and lets meet up at Drupalcon Denver to continue discussing this. I posted a session on Drupal Camps for the conference -- if it gets accepted these are the kinds of things we'll be discussing :-)

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I like the idea of "if the

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I like the idea of "if the Drupal Association was interested in hosting the domain" so that we will have a single resource location.

year-based naming

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Year-based naming doesn't always work - NYC has more than one camp a year usually.

Then we can have something

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Then we can have something like, sprint similar to

Or even better. . . .

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2011fall.drupalcamp.*** or 2011spring.drupalcamp.*** . . . fitting in neatly with the annual camps' year-only prefix.

In terms of avoiding link rot

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In terms of avoiding link rot and SEO, it might make more sense as a best practice to have the main site ( always contain the next upcoming camp (and/or some short preview announcement) and archiving to html and linking to each one that's past to e.g.


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