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Standard site name for Drupal Camps

Drupal camps have been very valuable sources for learning many things from Gigs and also update with new stuff. Its really useful to watch videos/slides after the camp is done but everyone having different names based on their group, year which really confuse a lot, I mean they can any name they want but the site name for all the Drupal camps I feel should be consistent so I don't need to track or search for it.

My suggestion is:


For ex:


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Your feedback needed! DrupalCampNYC8 Survey :)

Now that DrupalCampNYC 8 is over, we're asking for your feedback to help us make the next DrupalCampNYC the best one ever!

Please take a few moments to fill out our brief survey and let us know what you liked as well as what could have been better.

The camp is only as good as the feedback and suggestions we get and the work of volunteers who help make the event happen -- We're so grateful for your feedback, and look forward to seeing it.

Thanks again to fellow organizers and participants for a great DrupalCamp!

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Drupal Super Spree Tomorrow

Got something on your mind? A new module you want people to check out? 5 reasons not to use kittens to write code? Come to the Drupal Super Spree session tomorrow and you have 5 minutes all yours to talk to your heart's content!

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Ctools developer tools demo

Would anyone be interested in demoing some code that they've written using the Ctools API tools? I'd especially like to see some examples of the Exportables, Ajax and Form Wizard APIs. A lot of sessions that I've been to touch on the tools but there haven't been any code samples or explanation of the methodology behind the code.

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Slides from DrupalCampNYC8

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DrupalCampNYC8 - Spotlight Graphic as a Desktop Background

Skyred asked me for a version of the sticker to use as a presentation background ... so I am posting a link here for the community.



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Final Session Schedule Posted

The final session schedule is now posted!

At this point, we're making corrections only for glaring errors such as missing information, or presenters who are unable to attend a scheduled session.

Sadly, some presenters were unable to attend and we had to drop a few great sessions. Luckily, we got 2 additional sessions from strong community contributors, including a panel on the Drupal.org redesign and a presentation on "Designing for the Undesignable" by Jeff Robbins from Lullabot.

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DrupalCampNYC8 added as event on LinkedIn

Coming to DrupalCampNYC8? Let your connections know by joining the event page on LinkedIn

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Graphic Design + User Interface Design

I am a noob. Are there any other graphic design-trained drupal newbies coming? If so, can we group up and learn Drupal together? I like making new friends. :)

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Which design to use as button for DrupalCampNYC8?

32% (14 votes)
14% (6 votes)
I Drupal NY
55% (24 votes)
Total votes: 44
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