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Standard site name for Drupal Camps

Drupal camps have been very valuable sources for learning many things from Gigs and also update with new stuff. Its really useful to watch videos/slides after the camp is done but everyone having different names based on their group, year which really confuse a lot, I mean they can any name they want but the site name for all the Drupal camps I feel should be consistent so I don't need to track or search for it.

My suggestion is:


For ex:


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DrupalCamp NYC 9 pics!

Hey all - just a quick note that I've posted my pics from Saturday's DrupalCamp:


I've also created a DrupalCamp NYC #9 group, so if you have photos of your own to share, join up!



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On events, do-acracy, and community - a RFC

There are 1643 of us and we got a lot going on. We have playdays, and happy hours, and camps, and DrupalCon planning meetings, beginners training sessions, a lecture series being planned, and I think some people are even doing just Drupal outings that have nothing to do with websites, just common interest. In short, we are awesome.

We are also huge and distributed. And it is tough to keep tabs on all you wonderful people.

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Drupal Camp NYC #9 - Thank you

I looked around and I haven't seen a post about this, so I thought I would start.

I attended my first Drupal Camp yesterday. I have never been to a Drupal conference and I'm still very novice in Drupal.

I want to thank everyone who organized it, everyone who volunteered their knowledge for sessions and within sessions, and the sponsors for donating generously.

It was an inspiring event and gave me a few things to think about. I met a lot of very nice people at the event and look forward to seeing you again. I'm on twitter, same username.

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DrupalCampNYC9 Session Grid


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DrupalCamp NYC #9 Sponsors

DrupalCamp NYC #9 Session Ideas

Event Info | Sign Up | Location/Maps | Sponsorship Info | Sessions | Schedule

NOTICE: Here is the link to the final schedule of sessions for this Drupalcamp: SESSION SCHEDULE

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