Drupalcon session proposal is up

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I posted a Drupalcon session proposal. If others are interested in making edits to the proposal (before Oct. 26) or contributing to the session let me know. Please give it a read:




excellent idea

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Bryan- This is a great idea. I'll be there and would certainly present with you!


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Count me in as well - to support the initiative and help present, though you may have more co-presenter volunteers than will ultimately make sense. ;)

happy to be aboard on this

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+1 on this initiative.

Also, other folks reading this who may also happen to be at DrupalCon Denver and want to help with this initiative in any way:

In addition to the main presentation, we're looking at creating breakout sessions a la Birds of Feather style throughout the week
(either in small dedicated rooms or in the Coder's Lounge; TBD!). We would like to organize a schedule and have volunteers to help spend a little time staffing this activity and being a general information source or receiver of feedback and ideas we'll collate. There will be some "pre-game" prep time as a group so we can derive some rules of engagement.

Interested in these smaller breakout sessions? Comment below with specific interest and we'll reach out.



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