Seattle Drupal MiniCamp

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2009-02-21 09:30 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Date and Time: February 21, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Space is limited! Sign up now.

Join us for one day of Drupal discovery. Our MiniCamp will run from 9:30 am through 6 pm on Saturday February 21st. This is an unconference following the BarCamp style. Details of the work depend on you! Bring your ideas and be prepared to lead a small group of 2-3 people to work on whatever aspects of Drupal interest you. Be prepared to participate, learn, and make connections with Seattle's Drupal community. We want local folks, but I know some of you might want to come down from Vancouver, BC or from Victoria or up from Portland, OR. All are welcome!

The idea behind this MiniCamp is to bring people together to work with Drupal. Maybe you just heard about it or maybe you work on Drupal Core development. Either way, we want you to attend! By the end of the day, everyone should feel they have gained more knowledge of Drupal, furthered their own plans (like learning about arguments and views), or have future plans set to continue development, training, learning. Approaching this MiniCamp as a day of play is a great way to get started.

Our monthly meeting will be the Thursday before the camp (February 19). Some folks will be pitching their session during that event too. You can get a sneak preview of what people want to talk about!

To register just login, and click the Sign Up button below. It's that easy! I am pretty sure I have full sponsorship for breakfast (coffee and doughnuts) and lunch (pizza and soda/water), but if you have special needs be sure to check out the nearby restaurants to see if you can find what you need. Let's be environmentally friendly too. Please bring your own coffee mug and water bottle to help us reduce waste.

Methodologie has kindly given us access to their office space for this event. We'll be organizing the session schedule first thing in the morning on a large wall. There are several meeting rooms and a large area for folks to mill about and work in an open environment.

Of course, we can't do all of this work and not celebrate. Please join us for our after party too. Location details below:

MiniCamp Location:

720 Third Avenue, Suite 800 (3rd & Columbia)

AfterCamp Gathering:
Pike Pub & Brewery
1415 First Ave
Seattle, WA 98101


Thanks to our sponsors for food items:
The Office Rat


I'm out :(

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Unfortunately I have will not be able to make the MiniCamp. If there's anything you guys need help with in advance of the date, let me know.

Looking forward to re-aquanting...

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I love the bring your own mug/reduce waste message!

Hope there are some intranet-related topics but I'll take any information at the this early point in my learning curve :)





I'm glad you will be there.

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I'm glad you will be there. I haven't done much with Drupal and intranets, but CivicActions is in the process of setting up our own intranet on Drupal. Maybe we can share some ideas?




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There was an amazing session on an intranet project at DrupalCon Boston. I think it was by some guys from but I'm not 100% sure. Couldn't figure out what session it was from the conf. website. Would love to find the video of the session to review!





me too? :)

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I'd love to talk intranets too!

I only went to one day of camp last summer, but it was incredibly helpful. I'm looking forward to this one.

If anyone has one or two of

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If anyone has one or two of these supplies, they can bring with them that would be great:

  • power strip
  • extension cords
  • markers (I've got some, but a couple extra would be great)

Make sure you have your name on the power strips and cords, so we can make sure you leave with them.



Can do...reminder

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I'm sure I can bring some...but a reminder would be good insurance!





sorry to miss everyone this weekend....

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but i'll be headed to the olympic coast for some steelheading so for those of you attending DrupalCon, I'll see you there.

Any schedule yet

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Seems like at least a couple of us coming up from the south (I was going to say Portland, but I live on the Washington side of the Gorge).

Is there a schedule of sessions online anywhere?

Some people pitched their

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Some people pitched their sessions last night at our monthly user group meeting:

  • upgrading the site
  • launching Seattle Center for Book Arts web site
  • redesigning a live site
  • working on patches to core
  • and more

In Barcamp style, we expect people to use our wall scheduler tomorrow morning as soon as they arrive. They pick a length of time and one of the rooms, then write their talk on a piece of paper and add it to the wall.

If you plan on leading a session, please let me know the subject matter, projector needs, and your time length: 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2, hours, 4 hours. I'm pulling all of that together tomorrow morning, so I can make sure your sessions are on the agenda. Sound good?


I'll be there

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and I'll bring some power strips and extension cords, tape, markers, etc with me. :)

I'm coming

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Just found out about this event on twitter this morning.
Looking forward to meeting everyone.

left a power supply?

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i'm wondering if i left my mac's laptop power supply up there... it would have had a faded label with stephen written on it. if i did drop me an email and i'll send some money to get it mailed down to me:

Drupal 7 talk

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Here's the audio from it... did some quick cuts. Used Audacity's noise removal and GMax as a maximizing limiter. - I think its windows only dll. It amplifies the quiet parts and leaves the loud parts alone; quick and easy.

If you want to play around with the original (unedited) file and kill some time...

small extension cord?

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Did somebody get my small (3 outlet) extension cord? I totally spaced on grabbing it when I left. I'm in no hurry; could probably even wait until a summertime DrupalCamp to pick it up again. :) Or if any of the SeaDUG folks are going to SXSW....

I have it. Robin

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I have it.



Dang it

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Just want to register my regret in not seeing this or attending.