Is this group still alive?

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Has the activity for this group gone elsewhere?

We're pretty much a Postgres-only shop, and on Drupal, that means that you end up creating plenty of module (and, occasionally, core) patches to correct Postgres incompabilities. I generally post those I create, and usually find that they languish without reviews. Would be nice if I had somewhere I could alert other Postgres users to Postgres compatibility patches that need review. Where would be a good place for that?


Hi! I'm one of the core

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Hi! I'm one of the core PostgreSQL maintainers. I'm still alive but unfortunately haven't really been using Drupal with PostgreSQL a lot lately. Like wise, I've posted a fair few patches on issue queues with similar experience. This group maybe a good place to reference these kind of patches for other PostgreSQL users to review said patches?


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I'm lurking out here actually waiting to see if anyone needs a little help with PostgreSQL & Drupal. I tend to be in a similar situation as Ben... I'm pretty solidly devoted to PostgreSQL for database purposes and I do use Drupal with PostgreSQL. When I find problems with Drupal (modules, et al) & PostgreSQL I will usually try to post a solution since I know most maintainers have MySQL experience only.

I can't say I always have huge amounts of time, but willing to help where I can.


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Much the same here

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I have also contributed the odd patch to get core and modules playing nicely with Postgres - when I am working on Drupal projects. It seems to be the common case that the people who are interested in Postgres compatibility do not only do Drupal projects.

That said I have just started an extension project to a Drupal system I built a year ago, so I'm wading back in.

I agree with Josh that alerting the group to patches which are languishing would be a good way to get some momentum back in to this process.


What's the best way to handle this?

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So, what's the best way to handle this? Just post links to PostgreSQL-compatibility issues that are waiting review? Should we post here immediately, or only after a couple of weeks have gone by without a review? I've currently got around 10 PostgreSQL-compability patches sitting out there without reviews.

There's also work needed on the Drupal 7 version of the Schema module (which I've found really handy on Drupal 6). See issue 1279418: Schema 7 fails on PostgreSQL.

I think that's a good idea.

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I think posting links here to either issues or patches to review is a good idea. I know I only ever look at those modules I use and then only when I have a need. But things posted here would probably reach a broader audience. That's much the reason I subscribed to this list... to let the requests find me rather than the reverse.

Steven C. Buttgereit
Managing Director
Muse Systems