Does OP includes News Slider?

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Hello everybody again!

Well, I have to confess that yesterday I quit building a News/Magazine portal with OpenPublish. So I started looking for other solutions and I found many interesting themes working with Joomla but unfortunatly paid subscription (near to $100) stopped me in this way. I realise I can try harder with Drupal and OP specially! :P

Ok, I was trying to include a "slider news" frontpage and previously I read many sites talking about many slider solutions. Fortunatly there is one page resuming everything:

So I gonna start installing Views slideshow ( and Dynamic Display block (

But, first of all I would like to know if someone has used these modules or knows how to implemented with tools of OP.


Views slideshow Installed

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We finally install Views Slideshow (Just v2.3 because OP comes with Views 2 - I dont know if Views 3 could crash OP, so Views slideshow v3.x have to wait)

I followed steps indicated by Ryan Szarama and I have my slideshow working BUT I just have some images rotating with a fade effect. How Can I add some Text body to this new slideshow banner?

Hi! This may be a better

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Hi! This may be a better question for the Views Slideshow issue queue . You may get a faster answer there.

Danielle Sheffler
Engagement Manager at Acquia