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Recommendation used project openpublish

Hi guys,
I have question, Does you recommend openpublish made website high traffic? review open publish are version beta.

Thanks you..

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Disqus App error

Hi there. I'm new to Open Publish. I'm building a site and the client wanted to use Disqus. I saw that Disqus was listed under the apps section. I registered at disqus and installed the module. Now when I go to apps section I get this error message:
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'public://apps/discus_icon_21.png' for key 'uri'

Any ideas what the issue may be?

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Google Analytics Module install on OpenPublish Distribution

I tried to install the Google Analytics module on my OpenPublish distribution. After this,
I could no longer login as administrator. I tried to reset the password in the database but that didn't work. I then tried to do a reset password but the link that I received from the system didn't work either. Does anyone have a fix for this issue ?

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Ad module attaching ad images to Facebook with articles

Advertisement 6.x-2.2 module - I am having problems posting articles to Facebook. Instead of attaching the main image of the article to the post or no image, it's automatically attaching the tile ad images from the article page to the Facebook post. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to prevent this from happening. Recent changes in Facebook no longer gives the option to select "no image". We're also using the OpenPublish packaged distribution 6.x-1.16.

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New to OP - Feeds not working

I am impressed at the many features of OpenPublish. I would like to make use of its ability to harvest items from multiple RSS feeds. Does this work in Drupal 7? Is this supported through using the regular Drupal Feeds module? I tried creating feeds but nothing harvests. Strangely, the "Feed URL" field was there initially but now it is gone.

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Any OPublishers in New York?

Hello, fellow OPublishers!

Just wanted to know if there are any OPs in New York that want to meet up and connect / share / learn and grow together. Maybe even co-work weekly?

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7 More Like This please !

Hi everyone

More Like This module has version 7?

I am using OpenCalais and I finding functionality More Like This. Any modules provided same functionality?

Thanks for reply

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Looking for Paid Subscription access module

I'm looking for a module that - or some method - that has a User/client pay for a subscription at login.
In other words, if one wants to subscribe to the Journal/Magazine, then you are asked to pay via PayPal, and upon success returned to the appropriate Magazine page.

For example. I have Moodle installed on my site, and it has this function to allow access to courses.
To use the site - other than look at the front page, a user registers, leaving their email address. Ok, that's normal.

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Daily Times Nigeria re-launches website in OP2 (D6)

While there has been a lot of discussion about OP in D6 & D7, I believe you can still do a lot with OP2 (D6).

When faced with the task of redesigning the DailyTimesNG website, the "no upgrade path from OP2 to OP3" reluctantly and grudgingly made us decide to stick to OP2 (D6).

Four weeks of theming & tweaking & here is the result. Depending on when you visit this post the new DailyTimesNG version 2.0 website will either reside at (beta, being developed & tested) or

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Security Updates on OP alpha3?

I'm working with the alpha3 version of Open Publish and am wondering about security updates of Core and modules that are included with OP, specifically what is safe to update and what isn't?

I'm assuming that the OP folks love kittens and Core is safe to update, but is there a place I can look to see which modules have been modified and which have not so I can tell which ones can be updated?

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