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OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of Drupal, that has been tailored to the needs of today's online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlet's sites including: online magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications. Built and supported on standard Drupal core (currently Drupal 6x), OpenPublish features support everything from basic news coverage needs to Web 2.0 trends, social publishing, semantic tagging and topic hubs. Each component bundled in the distribution is well supported, documented and modularly designed according to Drupal's architecture.

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Important note: in order to fix consistency issues and critical bugs, in a timely manner, OpenPublish had to patch some third-party modules included in it. It's not recommended to independently update those. More information at:

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Error after update core

I had an openpublish website with 7.24 drupal core, the website was hacked and i update the core manually, now the site is ok but if I try to add some content an ERROR shows up. just the word ERROR shows up.... any ideas? what can i do?

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OpenPublish Developer | 3 Media

Employment type: 

Looking for a developer to debug and develop a partially-finished clean install. Base developed site will be used repeated for various domains, main focus being creating a platform for monetization.

Current issues are blocks displaying where they setting say the shouldn't and views not formatting images correctly. Needed development, specific displays of affiliate links.

Length of contract and pay will be negotiated based on experience and how quickly the job can get done.

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What would be the ideal News/Magazine architecture


We are working on a few publishing projects by now and there seems no final good option out there to quickly get the site up and running. We are investigating what's best solution to build robust premium Magazine/News themes (by this I actually mean a complete Drupal website profile).


We want to develop at least 5 different Drupal News and Magazine themes and offer them as basic off-the-shelf package and add customizations on top per bespoke business requirements.


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Recommendation used project openpublish

Hi guys,
I have question, Does you recommend openpublish made website high traffic? review open publish are version beta.

Thanks you..

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Location of and use of CSS files

Wondering which css files to play with to adjust the size of the title.
1. I see six gazette folders, each followed by number/letter names. Don't know which of these to change. All of them?
2. In each of these folders is a css folder with four basic css files, global.css, alpha-default.css, alpha-default-fluid.css and alpha-defualt-normal.css . Don't know which of these to change. All of them?

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how to hide or remove The "who is new"

i dont find any possibiltiy to hide or remove the "who is new" it always appears also if the block is not activated in the theme - i think i looked for all possibilities but i can not hide it - thanks for any help

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Successors to Open Publish?

Since Phase2 has unceremoniously dumped Open Publish, what are some alternative distributions for publishers?

1) Nodemaker --
Started with promise -- especially since it was tied to the launch of ThemeGeeks, Himerus' premium Omega theme company.
Sadly, Nodemaker has seen almost no development since about the same time Phase2 gave up on OP.
Also, Theme Geeks hasn't launched yet. It was supposed to launch this time last year. Best thing about Nodemaker was that it was Omega based -- so it fit fairly nicely with OP.

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URGENT HELP: Blocks disappeared

Hi can someone please help.

Iam having trouble contacting the developer that built my site.

But the blocks from the Navigation, to footer, video etc have all disappeared from the website.

Can any body help and point me to the right direction to bring this back.

Please see before and after screen shots.



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OpenPublish new install errors and unable to publish a blog post??

Openpublish looks great to start with, then I tried to sinatll it and publish a blog post as a starting point...

I got this error on install

then when I tried to run the required security updates I got this, which does not get fixed when I run updates

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Disqus App error

Hi there. I'm new to Open Publish. I'm building a site and the client wanted to use Disqus. I saw that Disqus was listed under the apps section. I registered at disqus and installed the module. Now when I go to apps section I get this error message:
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'public://apps/discus_icon_21.png' for key 'uri'

Any ideas what the issue may be?

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Multiple authors listed for single content type

Can anyone enlighten me as to how to get multiple authors listed when a content type is displayed?
Openpublish comes out of the can with multiple authors for various content types, but it does not display them on posts, only the first listed. To fix this, do I have to mess with a template or css or both or add a check mark somewhere in the appearance configuration settings...

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Need help embedding a javascript player to a page

Okay, I'm really frustrated by this. In our old D6 site, I could just embed the js code in a page, and have it set up as a block to offer a streaming player hooked up to our shoutcast stream.

But now? How in the world do I go about embedding a player into the D7 site? From what I've read, I have to locate some bloody PHP file somewhere and modify it in order to do this. I'm not a coder, and this seems to have really overcomplicated what had been a fairly easy and straighforward process.

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Not understand: Placing Content in Section Fronts


Choose a category.
We recommend using the Boxes category to add boxes to your regions. You may also use the Boxes for Views Box category but changing a view from this category will change the view sitewide.
Choose either “Add a Custom box” or “Add custom view box”
“Add a Custom box” allows you to add a Block with a title and content using plain text or HTML
“Add Custom View Box” allows you to create a custom block with existing views

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Google Analytics Module install on OpenPublish Distribution

I tried to install the Google Analytics module on my OpenPublish distribution. After this,
I could no longer login as administrator. I tried to reset the password in the database but that didn't work. I then tried to do a reset password but the link that I received from the system didn't work either. Does anyone have a fix for this issue ?

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Ad module attaching ad images to Facebook with articles

Advertisement 6.x-2.2 module - I am having problems posting articles to Facebook. Instead of attaching the main image of the article to the post or no image, it's automatically attaching the tile ad images from the article page to the Facebook post. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to prevent this from happening. Recent changes in Facebook no longer gives the option to select "no image". We're also using the OpenPublish packaged distribution 6.x-1.16.

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Display articles by author broken

I'm running the most recent version of OP distribution on D7. I've updated all the modules and core manually because of the lag time between the last distribution update and now.

The block/box we were using to display articles specific to an author on the authors profile doesn't seem to work anymore. No matter what variation of contextual filters and relationships I can't get the block to display articles by the author. Obviously you can't make a block for each individual profile on the site.

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Beta 7 Since October 2012

What's the status of the project?
It seems that everything has gone quiet since October.

Are there still plans to release a full distribution? Can we expect many changes?

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Beta 7 Since October 2012

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Is anyone familiar with the web widgets module?

I'm just wondering if anyone here has used the web widgets module being developed by Phase II technologies on a Drupal 7 site? (

It's still in the alpha stages, but I wanted to see if someone could share their thoughts on its use. Being able to export content from a Drupal site via embedable widgets would have lots of value for a news site.

Does it worked well?... Is it easy to export/embed?... How is the styling was handled?..., etc...


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Create articles from Feed

I'm creating an online newspaper with the latest version of OpenPublish. I'm not clear how to create articles from a feed. The documentation and tutorials that I've seen seem to apply to OpenPublish 1.0. Can someone direct me to the applicable documentation for this feature ?

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