Distributions Summit in San Diego

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We had a very productive Distro Summit at SANDcamp this week https://www.sandcamp.org/drupal-distribution-summit There was an excellent dialog on both technical and business topics. There was distro maintainer representation from Acquia, Phase2, LevelTen, Four Kitchens, ChapterThree, ImageX, Lullabot and many others. There were 46 attendees who engaged in a full day discussion on various topics. We will be holding another Distro Summit later this year. I am writing a summary and resource document for distro maintainers and the community. It should be available within two weeks. Key topics discussed to share with the community and get further feedback:

  • Better understanding of the distros available
  • Applications and Distros
  • Business Models for Distros
  • Distro cooperation not competition