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Terms and Condition by space or role


I have an OA site with my first space working as a "course" with sections for homework, calendar, resources and team sections for team work. The idea is make this space blueprint for create more courses like this and other 2 types of "courses" (space blueprint). I need to do "legal terms" for users but different for each space (course) or can be by role too and I can create role by type (blueprint) of space.
Also I need a list of users who accepted the terms.

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Clean Urls must be available and enabled to use OpenAtrium

Boa tarde preciso p.f. da vossa ajuda.

ao tentar instalar o Open Atrium num subdomínio da empresa do género ao concluir a instalação aparece a seguinte mensagem e não termina a mesma.

" Clean Urls must be available and enabled to use OpenAtrium "

Como o site está alojado num host publico não consigo aceder às configurações do Apache para ativar o mod-rewrite.

Existe alguma forma de contornar isto? Por exemplo através do .htaccess

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OA Permission Problems

I am having trouble with permissions in OA. I would like authenticated users to only view the site and create discussion posts and events. Yet when I log into my test authenticated user account it gives me the option to create documents for each section of the site.

In the authenticated user premissions. Nothing is checked in the Comment Alter, Node has only the view options checked.

I have already rebuilt permissions once. Am I missing something that is enabled?

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Best Way to Add Webforms Form to Section

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I am trying to setup an intranet and have a section for HR forms (new employee, vacation request, etc.). I have installed webforms, and can create the form with no problem. However, It doesn't appear inside a specific section unless I manually create a link for it on the Space homepage.

Is there an easier/better way to do this so all the forms I create inside the space show up automatically?

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Building Plugins for Panopoly and OpenAtrium? A Pipedream?

I'm a big fan of Panopoly and, in the past, I've been a big fan, user and builder with OA1. Just watched this lovely developer demo video here on OA2: and installed alpha2 version. Really love it and so excited to be working on OpenAtrium again in Drupal 7.

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Precio: Implementación Open Atrium básica.

Buenos días,
Deseo conocer el promedio en costos de una implementación de open atrium básica.

  • No desarrollo ni modificación de módulos.
  • Uso de shoutbox, calendario, tareas, folders, etc.

Yo podría calcular el valor por hora multiplicado por la cantidad de horas de trabajo, pero me gustaría conocer el rango de costos para saber el tope MÁXIMO y el MÍNIMO. Alguna idea?

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Desarrollo de módulos a la medida para OpenAtrium | Sopesa

Employment type: 

Estamos buscando un desarrollador para programar nuevos módulos sobre Atrium para nuestra intranet corporativa.

Los módulos que necesitamos son los siguientes:
- Procesos ISO: replicando la funcionalidad de Book, pero en vez que se publiquen los cambios inmediatamente, este tiene que pasar por un proceso de aprobación (pequeño worflow). Además se necesita que cada documento tenga un encabezado con metadata (número de versión, quien solicita el cambio, quien aprueba y quien publica).

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Open Atrium custom theme developer | Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO)

Employment type: 

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is requesting expressions of interest from interested parties who have theme development experience with OpenAtrium ( Specifically, RNAO would like to contract services to build a custom theme for the RNAO Communities ( website based on an existing design framework. This RFEI is intended to identify individuals and organizations who have expertise in OpenAtrium theme development to complete a short term contract with RNAO. This may lead to future contracts and opportunities.

Deadline for responses is February 20th, 2012. See attached PDF for more details and contact information.

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Distributions Summit in San Diego

We had a very productive Distro Summit at SANDcamp this week There was an excellent dialog on both technical and business topics. There was distro maintainer representation from Acquia, Phase2, LevelTen, Four Kitchens, ChapterThree, ImageX, Lullabot and many others. There were 46 attendees who engaged in a full day discussion on various topics. We will be holding another Distro Summit later this year. I am writing a summary and resource document for distro maintainers and the community. It should be available within two weeks.

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Defining Iterations in Open Atrium

We needed to be able to group Tickets within Open Atrium as backlog items to be organized into Iterations. After considering ways to emulate that with the stock Open Atrium architecture, I decided to just create the functionality and encode it as a Feature. The result is Open Atrium Iterations.

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