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Error after update core

I had an openpublish website with 7.24 drupal core, the website was hacked and i update the core manually, now the site is ok but if I try to add some content an ERROR shows up. just the word ERROR shows up.... any ideas? what can i do?

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What would be the ideal News/Magazine architecture


We are working on a few publishing projects by now and there seems no final good option out there to quickly get the site up and running. We are investigating what's best solution to build robust premium Magazine/News themes (by this I actually mean a complete Drupal website profile).


We want to develop at least 5 different Drupal News and Magazine themes and offer them as basic off-the-shelf package and add customizations on top per bespoke business requirements.


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OpenPublish new install errors and unable to publish a blog post??

Openpublish looks great to start with, then I tried to sinatll it and publish a blog post as a starting point...

I got this error on install

then when I tried to run the required security updates I got this, which does not get fixed when I run updates

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Whats up with the documentation and community support

I have been trying to get an openpublish site up and running literally for years. Its confusing, and powerful. When I go to the website and click community, its not actually community, its a directory of documentation thats hard to navigate, missing images, and incomplete to say the least.

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Core update procedure for OpenPublish

I have successfully updated Drupal core previously by deleting and replacing all folders and files except the 'sites' folder.

I have installed OpenPublish today and tried the same approach with to update Drupal core from 7.16 to 7.17.

When I initiate update.php I get the following warnings:

Notice: Undefined index: highlighted in include() (line 126 of C:\wamp\www\\openpublish\modules\system\page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined index: sidebar_first in include() (line 138 of C:\wamp\www\\openpublish\modules\system\page.tpl.php).

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Menus and Submenus in Publisher's Gazette - Openpublish 3 OP3


I have created an openpublish site on OP3 using the Publisher's Gazette theme included. I am having trouble creating sub-menus that actually drop down when hovered over or even clicked.

I created this in my main menu in Structure->Menus->Main Menu and I checked the box "show as expanded"

Is there anything I am missing here?

Here are my menu items:

-Sector [Here I've checked "show as expanded"]
--Basic Materials
--Consumer Goods

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Change the order of the node title in the "article list" page view

I'm trying to change the article listing field order, so I've tried to overwrite the page view "Article list". The field order haven't changed. I suppose that another preprocess or alter function is overwriting my custom order.

I've made the article thumbnail picture a little bigger, so what I want is to display the node image just below the article title.

Im a little bit confused…
Can I use an alter or preprocess function in my child theme to fix this issue???

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alert during and after installing OpenPublish

When installing OpenPublish, before inputting site name, user name, etc., I got the following message for around 100 times on 1 page:
"Notice: Array to string conversion in _menu_router_build() (line 3603 of D:\wamp\www\my_site_name\includes\"

Followed with the forms to put in site name and other information, there was the following message:
"Uncaught exception thrown in session handler"
"Uncaught exception thrown in shutdown function"

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How to manage a Newspaper Front Page?

I am currently given consultancy to a newspaper and there is only one thing that we cannot find a solution that fits the clients needs.

The management of the front page.

This are the requirements:

1) Drag & Drop interface
2) Can attach to the frontpage any type of content defined.
3) User can define new regions to relate content in the front page.
4) User can override a taxonomy term page with the front page
5) Can override the image, title, link and short text associated with the related content in the cover without leaving the front page manager.

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Open Publish 6.x Navigation Structure

Hello Everybody,

I am currently working on my first OP Site.
Have a question / input regarding the whole Navigation System/Structure of OP...

I identified three issues, meybe there are easy solutions available, i couldn't find them in the group nor in the issue queue or OP Documentation:

1) Keeping the Topic-Menu active when displaying a Node/Article
The Topic-Vocabulary builds the Topic-Navigation.

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