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Using Drupal Commons distribution as a foundation

Hello everybody.

This is in some way call to arms! ;)

I would like to suggest CSA, Transition towns and other real-world communities and individuals to join forces and resources and help Acquia to build one community Drupal distribution to rule them all. :)

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Drupal Developer/Project Manager (80k to 120k+) | CMS Website Services, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Compensation: $80,000 to $120,000+ per year based on experience and skill level.
Must be a USA citizen or green card holder.
Telecommute is an option but you must live and work in the Eastern time zone.

You must have the skills, experience, and desire to be the technical leader and project manager of a best in class niche software product built using the Drupal platform. Your responsibilities will include managing a team of 4 to 6+ developers and interfacing with the business team to ensure the product meets the business requirements.

Skills and experience required:

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Would you migrate your Commons site to Drupal 7

Yes: definitely it is important
83% (20 votes)
Maybe: would evaluate
13% (3 votes)
No: it is not very imporant
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 24
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Distributions Summit in San Diego

We had a very productive Distro Summit at SANDcamp this week https://www.sandcamp.org/drupal-distribution-summit There was an excellent dialog on both technical and business topics. There was distro maintainer representation from Acquia, Phase2, LevelTen, Four Kitchens, ChapterThree, ImageX, Lullabot and many others. There were 46 attendees who engaged in a full day discussion on various topics. We will be holding another Distro Summit later this year. I am writing a summary and resource document for distro maintainers and the community. It should be available within two weeks.

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Which drupal Distribution package (Out of Box) would you like created first?

Professional CMS
22% (24 votes)
Social Networking
39% (42 votes)
17% (18 votes)
Blogging Solution
10% (11 votes)
Jobs Portal
6% (6 votes)
Others (please suggest)
7% (8 votes)
Total votes: 109
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