Can a flipbook pdf be used for page content?

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Hello all,

I was asked today if we could accomplish this:

Given an uploaded multi-page pdf booklet, when a specific web site page is accessed could it automatically open and display the pdf?
The pdf file, all 6MB of it, when opened as a file displays all the pages in a vertical row. When viewed on the provider's site it is animated with curly page turns, etc. My guess is that they have some sort of utility installed that presents this action.

I've been looking into views_pdf and have most of it installed but cannot get it going because of some include_once failures even though what its asking for are in fact present.

So, if anyone has seen and/or used something like this before please be kind and share your ideas?

Thanks (and enjoy the snow tomorrow - NOT!)


You could...

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I looked into this module for converting some PDFs to Images, which you could then break the PDF down into images and then display them.

If you look at some of the HTML5 stuff out there, you can simulate the page flip with HTML5, and if you embed the image from the PDF you could make it page flip somehow?

The one other thing I found was: which seems like it might be what you are looking for?


Thanks Matt, I will

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Thanks Matt,
I will definitely look into those recommended modules. I also found out that the provider wrapped the pdf in a flash tool called "flipbook" and you can view the link to see what it does.

See you soon at our next meeting.


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That is hard to compete with since it is Flash...

The other part we struggle with as well is the whole "Print" mentality, where it almost seems like a lot of print stuff like this could be more useful in a web type format, which is searchable/indexable/formatable etc. It is a very hard cycle to break.

Is there a posting for the next meetup?


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There was a reference in one support note that may be of interest:

"I'm using the Apture ( module that makes it happen with a lot of ease.
Just put the link to a PDF file and it will make it open in a flip-book format, without people leaving your site.

Check it working on this site:

To see the flip-option, click on the FullScreen option, the in the lower-left choose Book - if anyone can find a way to make these as default, please let me know."

You can use flip book maker.

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You can use flip book maker. This tools allows people to convert PDF to flip book and publish it as HTML style. Then you can upload the folder to website. If you don't have website, you can share these pdf flip book online by dropbox.


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As linery mentioned you can use a pdf to flipbook converter. This way you have a flippable book which you can then embed on your website or share wherever you want. It is really simple by using the embed code.



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