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hi all am new here in drupaL ,,, i have an issue,, i jst finished my drupal website and i have upload it to the server it works great but the problem is the pictures are not visible,, i made a directory by name of pictures but it didnt work.. any help i would be great full, THANK



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Can you post a link to the site, so we can see what you're talking about.

sure here is the link

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sure here is the link

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If you found some problems about the images, you need to make sure the file system temporary path. If you are using the imagecache function, also you need to enable the clean url function.

thank ya!

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i got an idea about that,, but i dont know how to do that and am not using imagecache,, if u tell me how to do that i would appreciate it :)

Right now, the first image is

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Right now, the first image is showing up fine if you click on it, but isn't showing up when you just view the page. The reason is because it is pointing to a wrong location:

That doesn't exist. How did that path get in there? Are you using some sort of WYSIWYG tool?


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aha got it no am not using that ,, i have to make a a directory for each content type that have an image field,, thanks alot an can u jst tell me if that's wrong too :(

Input filter

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Sometimes this problem can be caused because the input filter is set to "Filtered HTML" instead of "Full HTML". You'll find the input filter option directly below the form field where you added the images.

yup thanks dude i already

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yup thanks dude i already fixed it.. my problem was from the optional file directory,, i set that for each content type that has image field and that's it :) cheers

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