DO and GDO account mess....

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Hey Maintenance group,

I was told by some other members this was the appropriate place to post this.

I have myself a well put together mess:

It is as follows:

I had originally created a DO account:

later on during the GDO migration i believe i was forced to create another account with the exact same username, which left me with the following accounts:
NEW DO account: (individual membership attached to this account, and all of my current community posts)
NEW GDO account: (i am a group organizer with this account)

I am wondering first off.. how i was able to have two accounts with the same username?
And secondly if I could get them migrated and associated with the original account?

Please advise,

Mariano C.

Comments allows names that

greggles's picture allows names that differ only by case, but not all drupal sites do and this is a bug in

I can merge accounts for you on g.d.o, but not d.o. do you have multiple accounts on g.d.o or just on d.o?

I have multiples on d.o.

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I have multiples on d.o. :-/

When i created my g.d.o. account i believe it forced me to recreate my d.o. account ......

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If it forced you to do that

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If it forced you to do that it was a bug - at this point we don't have that problem :/

In this case all I can do is offer to match up your d.o user with a different g.d.o user if you want and then you can discontinue use of one of the d.o users.

ill just keep it how it is

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ill just keep it how it is for now.. maybe some day in the future we can merge the d.o. accounts...

one says im a drupal nerd of 3 years.. and another says a year (the main one i guess i have been using).....

ohh well.... thanks for your help. :)

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