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Google+ Authorship of a UG GDO page

I would like to know how one can gain Google+ ownership of a user group page on GDO.

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Policy Proposal for Closed (by request) Groups

The Problem
We currently don't have any guidelines on when Groups should be set to "Moderated - membership requests must be approved." On our Guidelines for Forming New Drupal Groups page it just says "Almost all groups should be open. Use other choices only when there is a good reason for doing so."

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Bluecheese available, but not default - help test

Hello maintainers,

The bluecheese theme (aka the theme you love on drupal.org and have been dying to get on groups.drupal.org) is now available for you to select in your profile. Got to your profile click the edit, scroll down, choose bluecheese, and poke around the site.

There's already a few things that need changing. See these issues first:

What to do if you find a problem

If you find a problem...

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OG admin in groups.drupal.org/la

Hi, was there a glitch on groups.drupal.org yesterday? I ask because christefano has appeared as a group admin for the groups.drupal.org/la group http://groups.drupal.org/og/users/3002. Neither I nor Mike Stewart (the other group admin) added him. Could you please look into how this happened, remove him as a group admin, and take any reasonable steps to prevent this happening again?


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Editors: start your aggregating

Greg Dunlap (heyrocker) wanted to have a feed of issues show on the homepage for the configuration/uuid group.

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St Louis Group - Requesting New Organizers

Requesting the addition of Mark EWERS, westbywest, and OddSim as organizers of the St. Louis group. http://groups.drupal.org/st-louis

This group has been meeting monthly for the past year and a half, and all of the proposed organizers have been active in participating or organizing these meetups. The current group organizer djw2 no longer lives in St Louis and does not seek to be active in the group. See the discussion here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/123199

Thank you

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Managing g.d.o., visible policies and procedures

I've not been a heavy-duty g.d.o user until recently, so it's often difficult for me to find things, like what "archiving" a group means.

http://groups.drupal.org/code-review is a beautifully-organized group home page, and I'd like to see this Maintenance group home page put all the "what's possible" and policy-related info in an obvious place. The About page does cover this somewhat, but it might need updating.

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OC Drupal Admin Roles

Requesting the addition of jromine and williamestrada as organizers/admin of Orange County Drupal (OC Drupal) - http://groups.drupal.org/orange-county. This group has been active and formally meeting at http://www.meetup.com/ocdrupal/ but cannot post to or manage the GDO page effectively to promote events or to have members interact socially. Many views have been disabled on the OC Drupal GDO page. An attempt to reach out to current moderator/organizer, Paris, on March 17th received no response. A request was made through email and through his GDO profile contact page.

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rejected CSS group, made Jesse an admin of theme group

Informational only:

I've delete a proposed group on CSS handling in Drupal: http://groups.drupal.org/admin/reports/modr8/event/4678

I took this action after quite a bit of discussion with author (Jesse) via e-mail and chat. I convinced her instead of creating a new group to become an admin for http://groups.drupal.org/theme-development and try to bring that group back from being mostly a waste-land of job postings. It seems like the existing users of that group would be better served by some real content and discussion.

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a post of mine has been unpublished, demoted and had its author switched to "Anonymous"

The Git with Drupal 7 announcement has somehow been unpublished, demoted from the front page and had its author switched to "Anonymous". This is pretty alarming but I'm leaving it as I found it. Any ideas how it happened?

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