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Managing g.d.o., visible policies and procedures

I've not been a heavy-duty g.d.o user until recently, so it's often difficult for me to find things, like what "archiving" a group means. is a beautifully-organized group home page, and I'd like to see this Maintenance group home page put all the "what's possible" and policy-related info in an obvious place. The About page does cover this somewhat, but it might need updating.

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Make event list ordered by event date

In the groups events page (e.g., the events are listed in the order of post date. Can this be changed so that they are listed in order of event start date (ascending), so that the next upcoming event is listed first.

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Tracker tab missing

The tracker tab seems to have gone missing on the account pages. Tracker still works because I can type in the URL manually but I can't get to it with two clicks anymore. Any chance of getting that back? :)



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CSS bug in g.d.o problem with nested 'ul' tags

Please take a look at:

Thanks in advance.

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OG panels "CSS properties"

I just tried setting a pane's CSS properties to "mission" in order to give it the orange background that group missions here have by default (i.e. the default layout sans OG panels). For some reason it didn't work at all and the pane still had a white background.

What am I doing wrong?

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LA Drupal is showing up in OG group block and audience select list as "Home" instead of "Los Angeles"

Any idea why the LA Drupal group at is now showing up as "Home" in OG's group block and audience select list? I recently changed the title of the group's home page from "Home" to "LA Drupal" but I don't see how it's related to what happened.

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Is the code for Groups.Drupal available to look at? I would like to hack at the notifications so a user can specify not to receive notifications of their own actions. Thanks.

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Group search block is back

The group specific search feature is back. Now powered by Solr. On all standard group pages.

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Unable to view other members' profiles.

Hi, I did not see this reported anywhere.

I'm no longer able to access other user profiles on gdo since the update.

I get an access denied error.

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Spam Flag for Comments

The user interface needs a spam flag for comments to report spam content using the flag module

Examples of comment spam:

I reported spam for this topic twice before and I think the process needs to be streamlined. (I reported via [General feedback] since the groups's manager does not have a contact page.

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