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Could we please have the "Don't send notifications for this edit" functionality on g.d.o?

Could someone easily roll out the "Don't send notifications for this edit" on this site, or is it a really complicated and involved process?

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DO and GDO account mess....

Hey Maintenance group,

I was told by some other members this was the appropriate place to post this.

I have myself a well put together mess:

It is as follows:

I had originally created a DO account:

later on during the GDO migration i believe i was forced to create another account with the exact same username, which left me with the following accounts:
NEW DO account: (individual membership attached to this account, and all of my current community posts)

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Unable to create vocabularies


Im the admin/manager of the London group, but unable to add new vocabularies.

Any suggestions?

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Please delete upcoming LA events

Apparently group admins can no longer delete posts. Please delete the following event posts. We plan to posted again under the "LA Drupal" user closer to the event date, as we have traditionally done in the past; plus posting closer to the event date has an added benefit of an email announcement.

Please delete these event posts:
Jan -
Feb -
Mar -
Apr -
May -

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Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI

Merge Indonesia group to Indonesia TKI and rename Indonesia TKI to Indonesia.

Indonesia TKI is the older one and has more members.

TKI is the abbreviation of Tenaga Kerja Indonesia which means: Indonesian citizens who work abroad

But I think we do not need 2 different groups which have (nearly) the same topic.

Thanks/Terima kasih

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Please adjust group ownership for user group "München"


In the user group München we have agreed to switch the organizer role of road2ruin over to the users reglogge and danielnolde. The relevant discussion can be found here. andreas-emer will keep his role as group organizer.

Could you please effect this change for us? Thanks a lot.

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Pleaser re-open a event signups

@Joyita sent the event: with wrong date and the system closed the signup (it pass sent in late June for June 3), may you re-open the sign-ups please?

Thanks in advance.


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Multiple user IDs


I created multiple user ids due to a slow internet connection that I was using. (truly sorry about that)

Is there a email contact for the administrator for that I can contact?

Thanks for the help and response.

If this is the wrong thread for my question, please provide me with the correct thread. I am sorry if this is the wrong area.

Thank you.

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Bug: duplicate mission statement at the bottom of the group page

It seems there is bug in a duplicate mission statement at the bottom of the page when the groups don't use the default image for the mission (that is, an alternative image, or no image).

On the other hand, there is not problem in the groups using the default image, like for example .

Examples of affected groups:


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Moderated Group 404 errors

Hi all- the Google Summer of Code mentors group ( is set to "moderated" for the group type, however, when people who aren't members visit the page they don't receive an option of joining (instead they get a 404 access denied error). Am I missing something? Is it not possible to have a g.d.o group both open to applications to join and keep it private? If not I'll simply put up a post on the soc group and ask people to e-mail me to join.

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