Design and Usability: A Drupal Learning Track

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Overview: focus on the site builders, themers and those interested in delivering a killer user experience both for Drupal itself and for their own sites.


  • Attract more designers to Drupal
  • Improve Drupal’s visual design

Lesson and session ideas

Graphic design: “Drupal for Designers”

These sessions covers topics that relate more towards creating the visual design of a Drupal site.

  • Designing for Drupal (Structure of a Drupal site, visualizing your design in Drupal…)
  • Introduction to Drupal for designers (including the most important contrib modules)
  • Drupal-friendly CSS tricks (form elements, menus, etc)
  • Making a Drupal site not look like one – new ways of theming common UI elements

Usability/Interaction design: “User friendly Drupal”

  • Usability bling in Drupal 6
  • User Experience Testing
  • Interaction design with JavaScript in Drupal 6
  • Building intuitive forms (layout, multistep, custom widgets, …)
  • Brainstorming: An interface for media handling
  • Learning jQuery


Program Leads

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