Logo Design Prelim #1

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Boy, aside from the cliche "I'm Meelllting!" Mr Drupal graphic, there is a bit of a challenge in combining the climate of the High Desert and the very vulnerable waterdrop into a graphic. I replicated a desert scene (complete with stylized Joshua tree). At Kricket's suggestion, I tried to break my graphic artist block and added the tumbleweed element to things.

It might be a bit rough but Im sure I can clean it up if need be. The text is a take or leave as I can find a better font, but I save such frivolous things for last. Also, I will have to find a way to at least get the tumbleweed (with Mr. Drupal inside) to fit on a circular button/pin. If we are feeling in a comical mood for our geeky group, we could always do some more distortion on him for the pin/button for extra laughs. :)

We can discuss this design if it is appropriate with the time constraints of our monthly meetings. Either way, feel free to suggest things here and I can add more

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Here's my take on a logo

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Not to steal too much attention away from your post, but here's something I worked up tonight. It's a lot simpler, so it could easily go on pins, window stickers, and t-shirts without any trouble, while still incorporating the Drupal logo, the desert theme, and getting across what the club does.

Good job Mary and Kevin. I

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Good job Mary and Kevin. I like both of your ideas.

I agree with Kevin that the logo he created would be easier to incorporate on stickers and pins and it is much more to the point. I also like that the Druplicon (Drupal Mascot) is easier to recognize. I also like what Mary was doing with the Joshua Tree and the mountain idea.

If I could make one suggestion I would suggest trying to incorporate Mary's idea with Kevin's idea and have Joshua Trees in the logo that Kevin made. Joshua trees are very common in High Desert logos. The high desert has pretty much already been branded with the Joshua Tree, so why not build on that.

Checkout these "High Desert" logos:
* http://ci.victorville.ca.us/
* http://hesperiachamber.org/
* http://www.vvc.edu/

What do you guys think?

I agree that we could

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I agree that we could combine ours. I just was hoping for something different that seperates us from "desert" based regional groups, hence why I was trying to go with the tumbleweed for the drupalicon's incorporation. Still not happy with its overall style yet so I wondered if anyone had suggestions onto making the tumbleweed look more poignant.

Either way, lets combine PSDs. :)

superb design.

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Superb design good color balance. especially when you working on illustrator.. great work.. well em also logo designer you can see my work at http://www.logobench.com/portfolio.php

Um...okay. That works too.

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Um...okay. That works too. I figured the sun thing had been done already so I tried to avoid it. Still, this looks good and a bit different than other things I saw a few months ago because of your stylized rays. :)


Great logo!

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Can you send me the PSD (or high res version) so I can process some buttons and possibly a banner (nudge: Sam)

Which of us two were you

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Which of us two were you asking for? Mine is in AI form but I can see if I can get it converted into PSD form

Cool, here's my PSD

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I haven't played much with getting the joshua tree in yet, but I like the idea. See if you can come up with anything.

The sunbeams and text are vector already, but the Druplicon is not. If we need a higher-resolution bitmap version, there's a giant one here. There's also an SVG vector version there, which would be even better. I just never found an easy way to get the SVG into Photoshop.

I can definitly play around

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I can definitly play around with it. I can see about taking my own drupalicon and removing the distortion that I put into it with the tumblweed and use your drupalicon to colorpick the desert colors on him. No problem.

Thanks. :)

Here are 2 logos that

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Here are 2 logos that combine LittleViking's logo and mine. Took a while since I didnt have that font installed. I am less inclined towards 4 but it does make the Joshua Tree frame the sun drupalicon nicely.


Mary, this looks good for a

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Mary, this looks good for a banner (and I'm working on getting one done) so if you can post the original or high res for printing. However, as a logo we need to work on getting both the druplicon and joshua tree all in the same 1 inch diameter. For the production of the buttons we can eliminate the text to save space (on second thought, it'd be good to have our name on there... maybe we can wrap the text around the rim of the circular button). Just a suggestion, do you think we can embed the joshua tree faintly inside the druplicon, similar to how a globe is embedded within the druplicon on groups.drupal.org?
I know you'll figure something out. Hopefully by our next meeting we'll have some button swag to hand out to our members.

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Indeed Helior, it is more of a banner, but that was to at least get us somewhere. Sorry.

As 1x1 it looked horrible when outputting to a JPG (I will see if TIF gives me better results) so instead, Im providing a 5x5 inch logo just so you can see how it looks overall.

Mary, so can you upload the

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Mary, so can you upload the psd/ai for the banner so I can send it out to the print shop? I got the Druplicon with the joshua tree silhouette ready to go for buttons already.. Thanks!

Can you post the psd? The

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Can you post the psd? The edges look a little rough on this jpg export.

Oh, thats a low quality version

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Its an AI file anyway.

Here's another new version.

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Here's another new version. I think it looks better with the the bottom shadow taken off the droplet. The joshua tree is a sillhouette in this one, for simplicity's sake, but it could go either way. And my PSD is completely vectorized now, so that's useful whether you like this version or not. Now we can resize the logo as large or small as we need ever without losing quality.

Sadly I cannot

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AI is not an allowed file extension on this forum which is why I did not post it sooner.

email it to me, plz.

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ihatespam at helior dot info

This is right up my alley. I

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Good logo

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