Code sprint in Los Angeles on Aug 15-16

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2009-08-15 08:00 - 2009-08-16 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

chx (Károly Négyesi) is coming to Los Angeles and he's asking the L.A. developers to bring it for what will be one of the final pre-d7 code freeze coding and testing sprints. There will be chocolate, and at some point beer.

The hours are (tentatively) 8:00 AM on Saturday until whenever we want to break and from 8:00 AM on Sunday until 5:00 PM when chx needs to leave for another engagement.

This will be a working code sprint. If you have experience coding modules and/or writing simpletests, that would be very helpful. If not, someone will assist you in getting up to speed. There will be tasks for anyone who wants to work.

Please bring your laptop, a power adapter (or a 48-hour battery), an extension cord or power strip (if you can) and a lot of enthusiasm.

Causecast has generously donated space in their new Santa Monica offices.

1558 10th St. - Unit D, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Entrance is on Colorado Ave.

There is metered parking available on Colorado Ave. These meters are enforced on Saturdays (but not Sunday). I will try to have some quarters availabe on Saturday, but please be prepared to feed the meters. You might be able to park across Colorado at Mahalo if they don't have anything happening this weekend. We do not have official approval to use their lot, so park at your own risk. Causecast has eight parking spaces behind the building, but these will be unavailable most of Saturday due to a commercial being filmed in the building. More parking info can be found below.

Cherry Hill and Causecast will provide refreshments. If you have special dietary needs, there is a supermarket less than two blocks away.


Extension cord, power strip

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I am bringing an international power strip (five outlets) with a very long cord. That should help a few people. And yes, please come! It will be fun.

Power Cords galore

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LA Drupal has many 9ft extension cords with built-in power strips. We will be sure to bring them all.

I'm pumped for this event! D7 Sprint.... Woohoo!

Chris Charlton, Author & Drupal Community Leader, Enterprise Level Consultant

I teach you how to build Drupal Themes and provide add-on software at

I'm gonna go.

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I have never done this before, so I hope I can learn something and maybe you can give me something beginnerish to do. ;-)

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We are hoping someone volunteers to run a Code Sprint training session at DrupalCampLA 2009. This would allow people who plan to attend both will get a kick-start before the Code Sprint event.

Chris Charlton, Author & Drupal Community Leader, Enterprise Level Consultant

I teach you how to build Drupal Themes and provide add-on software at

I'll totally do that!

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I would love to head up a Code Sprint prep session at DrupalCamp LA! Does anyone want to join me in this endeavor?

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

Sounds great

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Having never done a code sprint, a session on the ins & outs would be really awesome. Count me in but I´m w/Nicole on the whole ¨give me something beginnerish to do." ;)

I'm in

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I'm a newbie to code sprints but I want to help any way I can: testing, documentation, motivation, or whatever.

Newbies welcome

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There willl be tasks for everyone. If you are new to this, we will have an introduction and basic training when we start on Saturday morning, so please be there promptly at 8 AM. We will also try to tutor folks who can only come on Sunday, resources permitting.

Better yet, there will be a session on participating in the sprint at the DrupalCamp at UCI the preceding weekend.

pre pre intro

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It might not be a bad idea to have a little intro session way beforehand or at least a few weeks before,
so that maybe people who plan to attend the Pre-Sprint can digest or maybe help organize beforehand.

If you did this, I would certainly attend.

People at DrupalCamp may be pre-occupied or somehow miss the session. ?or not.

Just a suggestion.

It sounds like people are highly motivated to participate and help maximize output.
Possibly even also willing to attend a quick intro.

also - Just a quick comment

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Even though I realize this Event will be promoted and discussed for DrupalCampLA,
and it's coming up.

** It would be nice if people SIGNED UP for the Event ** not a bad idea.
I know many more people are going to attend -
but as of today, when I went and signed up I only saw like 9 people who actually
hit the SIGN UP button and signed up.

People planning to attend and visiting - log in and hit the button above.
It's pretty harmless.

I'll have just moved to SF

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I'll have just moved to SF from New England by that time. I'd love to come, but it's a bit of a hike... what's the best way to get to LA from SF? And would there be a hotel most people would stay at?

The best way is by bicycle.

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The best way is by bicycle. The most efficient is by plane. Many discount fares ($130+) and lots of flights. You could fly down on Saturday morning and back Sunday night.

I don't know of any really cheap hotels nearby. There are lots of hotels in Santa Monica, and a hostel in Venice. The Doubletree, under a mile away, is probably the closest hotel.

Bicycle? Meh!

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The absolute bestest way to get from S.F. to L.A. is on a 100 cubic inch twin-cam Harley with the wind in your face and the sea to your right. Oh, the airplane will work too, but it's not as much fun. :)

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

An alternative

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An alternative would be to go from S.F. to L.A. on a BMW R1150GS with the wind in your face and the sea to your left. Longer perhaps, but more interesting for sure. Water transit assistance might be required.

Feel free to bring your Harley. is offering $30 plane fare?

Senpai's picture

Cary, I take it all back, Southwest is running 48 hour sale at and one-way tickets are $30!! (deal ends tonight at midnight)

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

Sadly, only for Sep 9

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Sadly, only for Sep 9 through Nov 18.

15 Rose Hotel and Hostel

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15 Rose (at 15 Rose Ave.) is a handy hostel/hotel about 50 feet from the beach/boardwalk in Venice. Rooms can be had for as low as $50 per night. Beach tram (The Tide) runs into Santa Monica every 15 minutes, or take the beach bike path. And it is also only 30 feet from The Waterfront (on Venice's boardwalk) - best German weissbier in town!

I've had friends stay there, it ain't the Four Seasons, but is clean and fun. Lots of Europeans. Rooms fill up in advance...

F Y I - Viva S F !

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Hey Everyone ! and to all SFraners!

Here is a good tip.

There is a Cheap and Inexpensive BUS Shuttle Service that will Pick You Up at a designated spot in S F and Drop You Off at a designated spot in L.A.!

For anyone who has never tried it ~ I would recommend it.

AND GUESS WHAT?? I just checked - ROUND TRIP -- $55! hello. IF YOU BOOK IN ADVANCE.

Prices get higher the closer to the date but generally its cheap. But book early!

I used this service last year to go to BadCamp with the King of Print and I have to say -- It was pretty good!
Very easy. Nice ride.
Sit in the back of an Nice air conditioned Bus // Read a book // or watch the movie they put on.
Stop at a fast food place for a rest stop in the middle. Shake your legs. And get on a different bus. And your there.
Avoid the 2hrs plus at the airport! It's not bad.

The worst part: The restroom in the back of the bus could have been a tad better - AND it does take about 5-6hours. But other than that, the ride wasn't bad and the stop in the middle makes it an easy ride. Clean bus and nice A/C.
The good part: Convenient pickup and no-hassle ride. Look out the window, read a book or sleep in the back.
But, of course, with anything, use your own discretion.

Also, you can Group together and Set the same time / pickup - and you can all ride on the same bus together.

If you plan on Coming via the bus service and would like to be picked up or need a ride to the CodeSprint ~ Email Me. I'll pick you up when you come in!!
I'll even give you a ride to the code sprint! (but if you do might as well Sign Up for it ^^ if your coming.)
And email me Early.

You can't beat that with a Stick.

~ ALSO ~ You can use this service for DRUPALCAMPLA!


For Inexpensive Lodging you might try the Hostel International in Santa Monica!

Hostel International is a WorldWide organization that is Franchise driven so at least there are some standards.

I personally, have never stayed here, so use your own discretion.

It's easy to book but Book Early!,--Santa-Monica-060...

I just checked // 3 nights 14th to 17th comes up a grand total of = $99!

The best part?! - The bus service stated above will Pick you up at Powel Station, and Drop you off at the Front doorstep of this Hostel Location - AND -

This Santa Monica Hostel is only ---

5 Minutes away from the Beach! -- AND 5 Minutes away from the CodeSprint! :-)

Also, Pay only $6 to Book Now and make your reservation. // Pay for balance when you check in.

Shuttle $55 + SM Hostel $99 = $154

(** anyone who may need a ride to DrupalCampLA, which is in Irvine [not CodeSprint.] I might be able to work something out. email me in advance. seating would way be limited.)

/** If anyone would like a reference for inexpensive Hotel Lodging within this area - Email me and I will personally go look for suggestions. **/

I checked airline fare - SF to LA is around =$150's

[alternative] Amtrak - (slow but fun) = around - $105.

** Tax and License may vary. Certain names have been altered to protect privacy. Finance options available, within certain states on approved credit, with 6% APR and a bag of chips or a cup of coffee as payment at the local gas station.
(not to bring religion into this but) - God Bless Drupal!

  • Peace Out. and Hope to see you there/here!
    (cross-post for DrupalCamp reference if you have to. ?or not.)

We need housing for two

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We need housing for two young Drupal geniuses for Friday and Saturday 8/14-15 and possibly Sunday. Anyone have an extra room?

My laptop has Eclipse and

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My laptop has Eclipse and debugger setup and ready, D7 HEAD is installed. Any other things to prepare for? Some heads up information would be helpful.

I think that, ideally, you

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I think that, ideally, you should bring a laptop with your favorite text editor or programming environment. Having a local testing environment, as you mentioned, is a requirement, but we will help with that if folks need it. This sprint is going to focus on writing Simpletests for D7 and SimpleTest, which used to be a module is now in D7 core.

There will be folks on hand to help get you up to speed.

We need an address for Causecast

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Where is the Causecast office building? Address + zip code please?

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

CauseCast 1558 10th St. -

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1558 10th St. - Unit D, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Door entrance is on Colorado

Causecast 969 Colorado Ave.

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Causecast is easier to find on something like google maps using

969 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

@rover is correct that the "official" address is 1558 10th - unit D - but that address is difficult at best - and appears to lead you to a ominous and security gated building.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

To clarify, Causecast is the

nicholas.alipaz's picture

To clarify, Causecast is the white building on the corner of 10th and Colorado.

There are multiple tenants -

mike stewart's picture

There are multiple tenants - go in the 969 door, on colorado, or 1558 10th - unit D (on the backside of the building off the parking lot).

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

sunday only?

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I can only come on Sunday but want to be there - will I still be useful for just the second day? Will definitely need someone to get me started, so don't want to hold anything back :) Thanks!

Come either day

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The sprint is task oriented, so any help you can give is welcome. Someone will get you started on Sunday morning.

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Here is the fourth draft of the ASCII Directions for the LA Drupal User Group
Meeting, which holds meetings at Causecast, where the Code Sprint is hosted.
Please give me feedback. Thanks to those who have already.

I added minor updates everywhere, and corrected the street address in the
map URLs. The Parking Map image has been updated with this info:

1) Vons Parking Lot, Library Parking Lot, No Parking in Alleys, and
2) Parking in front of homes or apartments is PERMIT ONLY, in most places,
3) Parking in front of businesses is Metered, and Free after 6 PM,

but READ THE PARKING SIGNS very CAREFULLY, as they can ticket
every 30 minutes. 10% of the city's budget comes from tickets.

Apologies for the many updates tonight, as I know it emails them out
to everyone. I hope to see you Saturday and Sunday.



LA Drupal User Group

Driving - Parking - Lobby Directions

LA Drupal User Group is hosted at's new facility

969 Colorado Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The building is just one tenth mile north of the 10 Freeway.
The closest 10 Freeway Off Ramp is Lincoln Blvd in either direction.
The building is a single story, but tall, white building, 1 mile from the ocean.


Going West on the 10 Freeway

Exit Lincoln, going up a short hill at reduced speed, and at the top
of the hill, be VERY careful to "merge" to the right most lane
watching for fast moving cars coming from behind on the right.
Turn right from the most right hand lane onto Lincoln going north.
Make the next right hand turn onto Colorada Blvd. Go 1/10 mile.
The building is on your left, next to 10th Street.

Going East on the 10 Freeway

Exit Olympic to Lincoln, going up a long hill. Turn left onto
Lincoln Blvd. Go north across the 10 Freeway, moving to the
right lane as you can. Do not turn onto the Freeway Off Ramp.
Turn right at the next street, Colorado Blvd. Go 1/10 mile.
The building is on your left, next to 10th Street.

Online Maps:,+santa+monica,+ca


Parking is a Santa Monica close to your desired spot is tough.
You may have to park up to half a mile away. See the map URL below.

Metered Street Parking and Free Street Parking is in the immediate area.
Read the signs and do not park in "Permit Required" residential start parking.
They do ticket frequently (every 30 minutes, less often after 6 pm,
but not on weekends due to beach visitors).

The closest Public Parking Garage is beneath the Santa Monica Main Library
on 7th Street, north of Colorado, just north of Santa Monica Blvd, half a mile away.
It has 525 spaces. It is $1 per hour.

Von's Supermarket has a large lot, but only 1 hour parking before they tow.
It's at the corner of Lincoln and Broadway, just 1 block north of Colorado.

There are some hidden parking lots that would be acceptable to park in,
but we do not document them here, as they are private "business" lots,
unlocked at all times, but you would qualify for towing according to the
signs. I'm a registered customer, so I feel safe from towing.

Parking Map (Second Draft):

LOBBY Directions

The Lobby entrance is on Colorado Blvd near the middle of the building,
and has an indented entranced, with a separate security gate from the door.
It's not the corner, which is an architectural firm with an all glass door.

Upon entering CauseCast's front door, proceed to the left, 10 feet, to
the lobby open space, which looks like office space for programmers.
Make a right turn into the main area, and walk half the building
length to the seating area. You may wait in the lobby area.
Take a seat if you are early.

Volunteer by helping set up the chairs, tables, ice the refreshments in the sink,
or see one of the working volunteers to ask for the Volunteer Coordinator
to find out what is available to be set up, or tear down at the end. Thx.

While you may use the rear parking lot walk in entrance and go to
the far entrance door, closest to the alley, 1158 Colorado, Unit D, and
enter the building via the the kitchen area where free pizza and drink is
avialable, let it be known, the parking spaces are for employees, and
the walk in entrance gate locks automatically at 7 PM.
Walk around to the front of the building on Colorado Street.

Mahalo parking?

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Can we park across the street at mahalo? I assume they are closed on Saturday.

We couldn't get in touch

highermath's picture

We couldn't get in touch with them. We don't have any relationship with them, so parking there is at your own risk.

Sorry to have to miss all these fun...

dishui's picture

due to schedule conflict, I have to miss all these fun this year. Best to all of you

Drupal 7 Code+Test Sprint Los Angeles photos up

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A few photos are now up for the Code+Test sprint for Drupal 7 in Los Angeles. Thanks to & Cherry Hill Co. for sponsoring the event. (day 1) (day 1) (day 2) (day 2; sushi)

... all group photos at

Chris Charlton, Author & Drupal Community Leader, Enterprise Level Consultant

I teach you how to build Drupal Themes and provide add-on software at

SF Bay Area

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