Commons Architecture issues posted

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I've posted several issues for discussing the Commons 3.x (Drupal 7) architecture.

If you have input to share about the way we build Activity streams, the choice of base theme, the WYSIWYG editor or wiki functionality in Commons, now is the time to share your thoughts!

Edit: I've added this post to the and Maintenance groups, but it's certainly possible that GDO would implement a particular feature in a different way from Commons.


Images posted to groups

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An essential feature for me is to have users be able to post images associated with a group, etc. Is this being planned? Last time I looked at Commons for D6 (granted, it's been a while), this was not offered except by custom implementation. I would prefer if the Media module were used.

About Panopoly and Commons 3.x

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I seen that Commons 3.x maybe use Panels instead of Context. Are Panopoly ( a good option to use on Commons 3.x?

I think that is important the flexibility for organise layouts and blokcs for OG admins in a easy way for each group. The best I seen since now is OpenScholar dashboard admin. But if this feature can be applied for each page could be best

Thanks and regards