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Hi all,

I'm setting up a Drupal site for a hockey team I play for and would be very interested in using this... and helping out with it. Is anyone still active in working towards a set of D7 modules?



Active intent

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The intent is still there, though there is very little from a code standpoint. I'm also the maintainer for Drupal's automated testing infrastructure, which has stalled me on this initiative. I hope to get back to things within a month or two ... but the best intentions still doesn't always translate to reality.

For the time being, you could look at the Tourney module listed elsewhere in this group ... It matches very closely the architecture I had envisioned, and might give you something to work with in the meantime.

I've tried search for the

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I've tried search for the Tourney module in vain. Could you perhaps paste the module's URL?

Got it:

API or just a custom module?

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I created a league management system of my own after managing a league for several years. I just recently decide to offer it public (Athleware, I don't offer a CMS in the system, and do not plan on it. I believe alternatives like Drupal are a better option. That said my reason for comment here is to ask about this API, and if this would be something I could use to integrate my system with Drupal. Or would I just need to create a custom module? I've used Drupal for several years, so maybe I could offer help. Thanks.