Drupal Accessibility Sprint in Montreal June 15-17, 2012

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2012-06-15 09:00 - 2012-06-17 17:00 America/Montreal
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Montreal's local Drupal Association is hosting a 3 day Accessibility code sprint running from 9-5 (and possibly later) on June June 15th, 16th and 17th. Everett Zufelt of and Mike Gifford will lead the sprint which will be held at the offices of Evolving Web, 114-300 rue du Saint-Sacrement, Montreal. Wheel chair access is via rue Le Moyne. Ten dollar Parking can be found nearby on rue University.

Weekend attendees will need to buzz 114 to get access to the building.

This is a great opportunity to help move accessibility forward in both Drupal 7 and 8. It's also an excellent opportunity to learn more about accessibility from experts within the Drupal community. All are welcome and no particular skill set is required to participate. A wide range of work will be undertaken from coding to code review and documentation to user experience. Snacks will be provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them.

Proposed Agenda:

  • ARIA Core Sprint
  • Layout Initiative Accessibility Sprint
  • Forms API Accessibility Sprint
  • Accessibility review of contrib modules
  • Documentation


Remote participation

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Could you factor in some way to involve others that may geographically challenged when it comes to participating?

Obviously the snacks may be an issue, but I think I could live with that.


Through IRC?

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When we ran our i18n sprint last year we posted updates and coordinated with folks elsewhere via IRC. Would #drupal-accessibility be a good solution?

I'm joining remotely from the UK

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I've taken a day off work on Friday to join in with this. The time difference isn't an issue for me. I'll just align to Montreal for the weekend, which means I can have a friday morning lie-in, too :-)

drupal-accessibility on IRC sounds good, but it would be nice to have audio / video as well.

What times are the sessions?

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I'm thinking about commuting from Ottawa on Friday and Sunday... (have a wedding on Saturday to attend)... what are the times the event is happening.

It depends

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The sprint leaders will be providing direction, but I suspect that if you're interested in working on a anything in particular you won't be dissuaded no matter which days you attend.

Our previous Montreal sprints have typically started with a discussion amongst attendees that takes interests and skillets into account in order to determine what work will be undertaken.

Looking for details

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There's a growing number of people heading to or excited about participating in the sprint. Ya!

Wanted to clarify a few things.

1) It looks like it is running from 9-5 in this event listing, but wanted to confirm that we've got the space & people committed to this. It's a 3 day event, but not everyone is going to be able to be there full time over that weekend.

2) It's going to be hosted by http://evolvingweb.ca at their offices. They've got a great space, but as I recall there's a bit of a trick to getting there (and I wasn't even trying to park). Would be great to have some more details.

3) The agenda still hasn't been set and I know there will be flexibility. However, would be useful to have a bit more of a sense of how the days are going to go. I know there is going to be a combination of Drupal experts & accessibility experts there. We'll also have both Drupal Core Accessibility maintainers there. So there's going to be a lot of learning which will hopefully lead to a lot of coding.

4) Goals are often good. We're not going to get through all of the D8 issues (and we may find some that aren't already listed) http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal?issue_tags=accessibility


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Hi Mike,

Here are some answers:

1) We're going to start with 9-5 as our hours, but we can keep thing running later in the day if there is interest. There are 15 sign ups here on g.d.o and another half dozen or so folks that we're confident are attending. I suspect that we'll be in good shape to get some work done. The i18n sprint last Fall had about 20 or so people a day.

2) I spoke to Suzanne about this. She wasn't sure what you meant by the trick. Cheapest parking is nearby on University for $10/day. If anyone needs a wheelchair entrance it's on the side street (le moyne).

3 & 4) I'm tempted to leave the agenda to you, Everett and anyone else who has a great deal of expertise. Does that make sense?

Great news from organizing committee

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Thanks for the update.

2) I'm sure we'll all find our way there. Location is:

3) Not sure that Everett is going to have time, though he's always got good ideas. Simply starting a tag for issues to look at is a great one:

We need to look through the major issues and see which once we want to highlight.

There is a Skype group chat that has many folks in attendance. We can certainly use that, contact me m.gifford if you want to join that. Totally good to remind folks about IRC also irc://irc.freenode.net/drupal-accessibility.

2nding more details!

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I'd also love to get a few more details re agenda - if we aren't going to be able to make all 3 days, which would be the best ones for us (a PHP programmer who shudders at CSS, and a CSS/HTMLer who does likewise for PHP) to attend?

Also, I am assuming we should bring our laptops. Do we need to have a working D8 dev environment set up on them? I kinda think that my laptop doesn't even have git set up; should I do that before we arrive?


Other details

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Yes, please bring laptops.

Having a D8 environment set up locally would be great, but isn't mandatory. Heck, there's lots of ways to contribute without having a local install of Drupal at all.

Ideally, we'd probably all have accounts on http://getpantheon.com and be working with a common repository where we can fork changes locally & then push them to a central site like:

This is really the way that sprints & Drupal development seems to be going.

I've got a version running here if folks want to start testing before hand:

Would be great to have a list of emails so that we could add developers to this (or other) sandboxes.

Development Environment

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It was suggested at last night's meeting that:

1) Pantheon makes good sense

2) If anyone wants to run a local environment a suggested way to ensure that you have everything you need is to use http://www.acquia.com/products-services/dev-desktop. Whether or not you use Aquia Dev Desktop you'll probably want to ensure that you're running PHP 5.3.

Update . . .

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Hi everyone,

The organizers are meeting to night to sort out any last minute details. I'll try to ensure that answers to all of your questions are answered here shortly thereafter.

Looking forward to the sprint!

Participation in Monthly Chat

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@Mirabuck, could you or some of the other organizers join in on the Skype Chat:

We're going to discuss the agenda (as much as we know it) and would be great to know if we can pull in others.

Also, for keeping track of the hashtag:

I can join you

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@mgifford, just saw this and if I've got my timezone conversions right you folks may have wrapped 15 minutes ago. I'm mirabuck on skype if you folks are still underway and will be online at 12pm EST/4pm UTC.

Virtual attendance

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I can't come to Montreal, but I can devote almost my entire workday on Friday to this. I can be available by email, IRC, Skype, and phone.


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Would be excellent to have you & @the_g_bomb in attendance.

I'll be there Friday/Saturday

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I won't be any help with the coding, but I can certainly work on the documentation.

More docs++

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This is great! I'll be working on some docs too, mostly Saturday as I'm at the office on Friday. I will try to be on IRC the whole time though.

I'll be there Friday

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I've arranged my schedule so I can be there in person on Friday.
(I probably won't be available Saturday and Sunday).
See you there + on IRC!

Sylvain A.

Have a good sprint!

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This should be a very interesting sprint, rewarding and enlightening all at the same time. I'm sorry to miss it as I am currently on vacation. Hope to see you all at the next opportunity!

I'll be present on friday

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Hello everyone!
This will be my first Drupal sprint, so I think I will help with the documentation. I'll set up a local development environment.

See you on Friday!

2 people for Friday, maybe Sat/Sun?

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There are two of us (1 front-end dev, 1 back-end dev) definitely coming tomorrow (Friday), but we're not sure about Saturday & Sunday yet. This is our first sprint and we'd be happy to help with coding or writing documentation or whatever!

Will attend Saturday and Sunday

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Also my first Drupal sprint, I will be glad to help with some dev or code review.

Is anyone else getting email

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Is anyone else getting email notifications from this with the subject line indicating the group is "Boston"?

Yes, it's in the Boston

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Yes, it's in the Boston group.

Very odd since if I click the

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Very odd since if I click the link from the email notification while NOT logged into Drupal.org it displays everything under the Boston group.

NOTE, I am not subscribed to any Boston group so I shouldn't be receiving any email notifications from the Boston group.

If I then login to drupal.org the entire thread here is the same but it then shows that it is the Toronto group and NOT Boston.

Is this cross-posted to the Boston group and the emails are somehow picking up the Boston group for notification.

I'll be there...

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Friday PM +Saturday AM + possibly all of Sunday

I'll be there on Friday

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I think I'll have a lot to learn in my first sprint. I do have JAWS 12 in my Windows 7 machine. I will be able to help out with testing if need be. But, I will be able to make it for the first couple of hours in the sprint. That is from 2:00 pm UTC to 4:00 pm UTC.

Siddhant Chothe,
Senior Software Developer at Techvision

Saturday afternoon

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I can be there between 1 pm & 5 pm Saturday. I can do docs, UX, UI.

Being. Knowing. Sharing. Ip Man

Summary of sprint

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I posted a summary of the sprint here, please let me know if I missed anything:



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