Drupal on Windows - WAMP?

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I'm not sure if there is a separate group for this type of question but what environment on windows are you guys running? Are you using a program like WAMP? Are you even using mysql, apache? I'd just like to get a feel for what specific environment on windows drupal runs best on? And if there are any warnings when using WAMP?

Also, would this place be the best place for windows specific questions? Is there any documentation with FAQ or anything?



IIS and WebMatrix at the Office

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I am all Mac at home, but at the office it is a Microsoft world. I use IIS server-side and Webmatrix local. They make it pretty easy. Here is some info.

Are you thinking of

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Are you thinking of production environment or development/testing.

For development I think the Acquia Dev Desktop tool is a great solution - https://www.acquia.com/products-services/dev-desktop However, it's not really focused on building and managing a production environment.

It would be interesting to know how many people are using IIS vs. Apache in production on Windows. My Impression is that it's about 70% IIS and 30% Apache.

Drupal on IIS

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we did a full day training on Drupal and IIS at DruaplCon Denver. You can find here a post about it and the full slide deck.

Hope it helps!


Alessandro Pilotti

Drupal on Windows

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