de/robots.txt not found

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My website has two languages : French and German.
I see in my log warnings, type "Page not found" like that :

My French language has no path prefix.
Example url :

My German language has a prefix path : de
Example url :

Could problem comes from that difference between the 2 languages configuration?
If not, what could be the problem? How to solve it?


de/robots.txt not found - solution

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you have to upload robots.txt file to root folder,

And for and

have to check from admin side, page available or not


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create a file in Notepad as robot.txt and paste the code below :

User-agent: *

Save this file and upload to the root in your server .

And for and

Please check if there are folders / file for contact page in your server .

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Well, I think my English was

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Well, I think my English was not so good, because you don't answer to my problem.

I have a robots.txt at root, the default robots.txt we get when installing Drupal.
Just 1 robots.txt at root.

Question is why robots are sometimes looking to

I guess it's because of following fact :
I have a second domain name which is redirected to
So I guess when robots are looking for, they are redirected to
Can you confirm it's surely the reason why scrawler are looking for ?

Perhaps, the fact that scrawlers do not find is not a problem and I must let it down.
Can you confirm?

How can I know for sure that robots are looking for ?
Is not it best that robots do not scrawl at all for
How can I stop it? Will it penalize the SEO for German language?

It's a lot of cascading questions, but at least for me, it makes sense to ask all of them.

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You can get in touch with me on skype : braintech_bdm02 for detailed discussion

Aditya khanna

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Hi sahuni, i dont know if i

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Hi sahuni, i dont know if i right but have you installed the robots.txt module?
i mean this is was you need for a multi language site

and u dont will penalize, but the spider can crawl everything,

best Regards
my site has not a multi language setup

Greets from Germany
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No Eule, I did not. You give

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No Eule, I did not.
You give a good advice. I'll have a look asap.
Thanks for proposing