Growing Drupal Downunder - Announcing DrupalCon Sydney, 6-9 Feb 2013

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2013-02-06 (All day) - 2013-02-09 (All day) Australia/Sydney
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We are very excited to announce that Drupal Downunder Sydney will be run as the first ever DrupalCon in the Asia Pacific Region.

DrupalCon Sydney will be held February 6-9, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Coogee only meters from the beach. The event will be filled with high quality sessions, BoFs, training and more - all with the theme of "Growing Drupal Downunder".

We are looking forward to sharing the international Drupal community together while showcasing the unique flavor of the Australian local community. Dries Buytaert will keynote the opening session and we'll be announcing more speakers as they are confirmed.

Please visit for more details and signup to receive updates.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you,
Ryan and Owen

Special thanks to all those working hard over the last several months to coordinate with the Drupal Association to make this happen


Official Announcement

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If you'd like to read the official announcement from the Drupal Association -

Woohoo!!! Fantastic work

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Woohoo!!! Fantastic work everyone, and thank you! :)

This is my favourite line so far:

“It’s a dream come true to now have a DrupalCon Downunder!” says Donna Benjamin, a recent addition to the Drupal Association Board of Directors, and past organizer of Drupal Downunder Melbourne 2012. “The global Drupal community needs events like these taking place outside the established centres of Europe and North America to really help the overall community grow. It’s so good to see Sydney and São Paulo join the DrupalCon line-up.”

This is a good step

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This is a good step forward.

Kudos to the Drupal APAC region organizers! We'll pay close attention to the details

Our little conference is all grown up!

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Congrates to everyone for making this possible. This has been a long time coming.

Gordon Heydon


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This is wonderful news! Congratulations from the DownUnderFromTheOtherSide (Brazil)!

Awesome guys! I'll start

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Awesome guys!

I'll start pondering talk proposals ;)

Awesome news!

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Awesome news! Great to see the association focussing down here and thanks everyone for the effort going into this and the past Australian Drupal events!

Looking forward to next February...I'll have to start thinking of a speech proposal :)


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Excellent news!!!!
Congratulations to everyone
involved on making this a reality! I'll sure
be there!

great news

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Well done guys - looking forward to it!

This is a milestone for Drupal in Aus/NZ

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Congratulations to the team who have got things this far and all the best for the next 6 months. It's great to see the momentum for Drupal in Australia and New Zealand.

"Downunder" is one word

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"Downunder" is one word now?

At any rate, sounds like fun. I'd love to make it down there if the money works out.

Call for Volunteers

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We're reaching out for your help to make DrupalCon Sydney really rock.

There are lots of ways you can help (See DrupalCon Roles, but there are 2 types of positions that we are looking for right now - Track Chairs and State/Regional Representatives.

Track Chairs:
Your role as a track chair is to drive the success of your track by setting a vision for it and deciding which sessions are selected. We are also looking for similar help with BoFs and other conference content. The commitment is approximately 4hrs/week and ~10hrs during selection week.

State/Regional Representatives:
These are not traditional positions for DrupalCon by have been used by previous Drupal Downunder events.

As a representative, you would be identified as the local knowledge point for information about the event and you will help us promote the event in your local area. To do this, you would participate in the organizing group and be given information prior to formal announcements. We will also look to you for advice about ideas and issues that might impact your local community. You will also be a conduit for bringing any concerns from your community to our attention. The commitment is approximately 2hrs/week

If you are interested in helping in these roles or any other way, please fill out the form at

Just have… Not sure if I have

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Just have… Not sure if I have any talks in me this year (don't quote me on that though), so keen to volunteer!

Great news

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APAC team - This is excellent news. If schedule permits, one or more from our India team will be there.

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Good work DCAPO

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It's great to hear that DownUnder will be the first DrupalCon in Asia Pacific. Attending it in Australia might be little bit more convenient than going all the way to North America.

I definitely want to volunteer for the event. Please let me know any way I can help.

Jasdev S. Moun
(+91) 98 11 056333

Interesting to meet Up Drupal Developers

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Wow that's really great News .
I am going to meet up first time Very eager to know
much on this events .

With Regard

Web Developer
CompIndia Pvt Ltd

Nice one!

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Good work, Ryan, it's about time :) Hopefully some of the Drupalers from Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia will make the trip.

streaming or recording....

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Will you be streaming the sessions of the event online or recording them ?

Excellent! Hope could be

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Hope could be there then :P



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