Toronto Drupal User Group - September Meeting

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2012-09-17 18:30 - 20:30 America/Toronto
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User group meeting

Join us for our next Toronto Drupal User Group meeting on Monday, September 17th. The meeting with take place at CSI Spadina, located at 215 Spadina Avenue (Suite 120), starting at 6:30pm.

Please note, the building's main entrance is locked at 6pm, so if you are arriving after 6pm, you will have to enter through the Dark Horse Cafe. The cafe closes at 7pm, meaning you will not be able to enter the building after 7pm.

- Case study: building a podcast network with Drupal
- organizing progress for DrupalCamp Toronto 2012
- and more...

If you have a topic or item you'd like to add to the agenda, please let us know in the comments below.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes courtesy of Tina Holly of Tinacious Design

Toronto Jazz Festival (Drupal site)

Podcast Network

  • getID3() to get information out of an mp3
    • great for accessible websites that require file information displayed
  • Views RSS module that goes into iTunes
  • Media Element.js module
  • Social Media module
  • Feeds module can work well with Disqus and Disqus has a module
  • Twitter module for Twitter feed
  • Block Class to apply CSS classes to blocks
  • Date module to print dates
  • Node Clone module to save time and create new nodes by duplication
  • Media Temple as a server
  • Linode (cheaper, full control)
  • Entities vs. Nodes
    • Entities is new in Drupal 7 (it’s a module)
    • use Entity reference and/or Relation module to relate classes (teachers to students)
    • Node Access User Reference module ideal for teacher-student relationships
    • Jazz Festival website to link artists to performances so a field can be used to choose from a list of artists
  • Drupal and WordPress podcasts
    • Core Views for beginner and intermediate Drupal stuff
  • Bookmark module (works with Views)
  • Mail Handler Single Mailbox module based on feeds and authenticates based on ‘send from.’
    • Catch-all
  • Services module
  • Devel module (Devel module – dev environment only)
  • Simple Test test framework (PHP-focused)
  • Virtual Box simulates another machine running in your computer which is useful for large-scale development projects (Patrick Connolly)
    • myplanetdigital using ariadne and jenkins
    • vagrant up / destroy
    • ariadne
    • puppet vs. chef
    • xdebug, ide – virtual debugging
    • Drush for a command line interface (link)
  • DrupalCamp Conferencing Organizing Distribution (link)


In case anyone was wondering,

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In case anyone was wondering, this is our tool that i presented on: