11 Months of work - It finally went live!

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After almost 11 months of work. Starting from square zero with never building a Drupal or using Drupal to a full site migrated off of a horrible CMS platform, my site went live last night at 2030EST!


We migrated 150,000+ users (with up to 10 security roles each), 1300+ blog posts, and 40,000+ comments!

The site is Drupal 7 and incorporates a slew of modules to include Drupal Commerce.

The site is running on AWS with a load balancer up front, three web server nodes behind that, MongoDB cache off to the side, Gluster File system for /sites/all, and Amazon's RDS MySQL service as the database.

Learned a lot, discovered a lot! Now to push forward and develop more capability using Drupal!



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Wow - that's a huge project!

Now, of course, we'd like a presentation on your choices and why you made the decisions you did. :-)

Certainly! Next meetup? :)

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Certainly! Next meetup? :)


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Very cool stuff! I'd love to hear how you handled the files directory.

Files directory

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Pretty easy actually. I set drupal to put the public and private file system under a single folder within sites/all/files.

So yes it added another folder to the path.

But I then mounted replicated GlusterFS nodes to that path. Gluster is awesome too! They use Gluster in the Acquia hosting solution. It's a POSIX compliant file system that doesn't have all the problems that NFS does. It's also highly available and you can build a rock solid setup.

I have 4 gluster nodes running in 3 different zones at Amazon East region. Entire site is laid out so Amazon would have to be completely down on their East region for the site to fail - that's only happened once I think in 6 years (this year).

Nice job! I look forward to

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Nice job! I look forward to hearing more about it at the next meet-up. :)

It looks great, when is the

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It looks great, when is the next NH Druapl or PHP meetup so that I could hear more about it?



Brady that's FANTASTIC!!! and

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Brady that's FANTASTIC!!! and Congratulations, definitely want to hear more about what you did. Now that you have all this free time (grin) you should consider doing a write up for the Community Showcase.

Mary M.

Looks great!

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Looks great Brady -- congratulations!


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Drupal Commerce

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It would be great to have a Skype chat about the Drupal Commerce elements. Have you spoken to any of the Commerce Guys yet?


Skype chat

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Nope. When we started the project we were at Drupal Camp Atlanta in 2011 and talked with Ryan of Commerce Guys - in a way our kick off point. But nothing sense then.

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