DrupalPicchu 2014 Sponsorship

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For more information about DrupalPicchu, please refer to:


Dear Sponsors,

We would love to hear your ideas.

We are listening!

Thank you so much for your support!

Kind regards,
DrupalPicchu Team



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AWebFactory, thank you for being the first potential sponsor!

Thanks! Particularly want to support efforts

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to bring highly talented freelancers out of the woodwork, where they are perhaps leery of the community, or do not understand the benefits offered by the community.

Es importante atraer en todos los países de América Latina a los mejores, que hasta ahora no han visto qué beneficio podría traer su participación.

También nos interesa apoyar al libre intercambio de recursos técnicos en apoyo a todos los sectores de las poblaciones que luchan para el cambio y el crecimiento sin trabas.

We wish to support the free interchange of technical resources in support of all those sectores of the populations in struggle for change and unfettered growth.

Please count Omega8.cc as a

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Please count Omega8.cc as a Bronze sponsor!

MMDA is in

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You guys can count with MMDA on the sponsorship, Silver or Bronze, to be decided.
Keep up the good work, and if any helped is needed, let us know!


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Wow! Amazing guys!
Vejo vocês em Porto Alegre no próximo ano! Estarei me mudando para aí!

Já está mais que convidado

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Já está mais que convidado para aparecer e conhecer a MMDA!


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I'll be talking with Michael about sponsorship from Bluespark, as well as the ability to send some of our team members.

Watching this space for updates on how to proceed with official sponsorships.


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That's wonderful James! Thank you so much!
Looking forward to meet the Bluespark team!

Hey all, Drupalize.Me is

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Hey all,

Drupalize.Me is interested in sponsoring as well. Do you have any more info on what is planned for sponsorships (what the different levels will get, etc.)?

Learn Drupal online at Drupalize.me

Bring an expert?

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Sponsorship is half-price for sponsors who bring along "experts"... Are there any potential sponsors who are interested in bringing me along as their expert? I'm a fluent Spanish speaker, Drupal site builder freelancer, long-time Drupal project/community volunteer contributor, and currently the Drupal Core maintainer for API documentation, so I think I would qualify. :)

If interested, drop me a line on my contact page and we can discuss the details.


Sponsorship Plan

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Hi Jennifer,

That's correct! We'll be opening talk submissions and reaching out to potential sponsors early next week. Sponsor plans start at U$625. This event will be a great opportunity to promote not only the Drupal community in Latin America, but the Drupal community as a whole!

We would love to have you here!

Kind regards,

Get you experts listed on the official program!

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The call for proposals got a 2 weeks extension:


Act now! if you are planning to bring an expert to DrupalPicchu:


Late sponsorships will be limited to the existing program if it gets
published before you decide to sponsor.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Thank you for your consideration.

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