September Meetup

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2009-09-15 18:30 UTC
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User group meeting

On September 15th at 6:30 PM we'll be having our next meetup at the new Zivtech office. We'll be doing a show-and-tell style meetup where attendees can share tips and tricks and work they have been doing recently.

Are there any particular topics people would like to have covered/cover? Do we want to pick a theme for the discussion?

I wouldn't mind presenting on the way we handle deployment and updates and hearing how others are handling the issue.

32 Strawberry St (between 2nd and 3rd and Market and Chestnut)
Philadelphia, PA 19146


I can do a quick explanation

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I can do a quick explanation of how (and why and when) to create a custom schema and views integration to store and use data without making everything a node and show examples.

Or I'm open to showing whatever people are interested in when they get there. I'm hoping we can start getting more of the folks who came to Drupal Camp to show up for meetups.

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that custom schema demo sounds pretty cool.

Maybe I could talk about Studio theme or SaSS. Or whatever :)

d.o: canarymason
twitter @canarymason

d.o: canarymason
twitter @canarymason

Both please...

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Been loving sass, trying to get everyone hooked. Have you tried the compass module?

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Yeah, Compass is what got me going w/ Sass. I just made it policy that all css we do we're writing in sass/compass. No complaints so far!

d.o: canarymason
twitter @canarymason

SaSS +1

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I'm up for hear a bit about more sass. haven't had time looking at it or to be exact getting it my workflow at the moment.


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Yeah, Jody has been talking up SASS and I've played with it a little, but I'd love to see how you guys are using it with compass!

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SaSS is the new hotness! I'll come with a our latest projects loaded up and hopefully a little something prepared.

d.o: canarymason
twitter @canarymason

Both of these topics are

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Both of these topics are fairly advanced. Perhaps we could also do a section of Q&A / "How do I?" for beginners?

I'm down to lead beginners upstairs on whatever they like

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We can use the projector downstairs and hook up to the tv upstairs.

Also I think my topic idea is way too time-consuming so I'm thinking of switching to a quick demo of my new Drush function for variables.

Aww, I was looking forward to

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Aww, I was looking forward to learning about the custom schema/views integration.
Maybe another time...

Looks like I won't be able to

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Looks like I won't be able to make it tonight...some project-related things came up. Everyone have fun! =)

Sorry I missed it!

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I'm sorry I missed the meetup, my in-laws decided to come meet the new baby! Hope to catch October...


Thank you everybody at

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Thank you everybody at Zivtech and others for your kindness, and support! Looking forward to subsequent meetups. Congratulations on the new space!

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