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In an effort to expand the reach, size and attendance of our group and meetups, we are in the process of opening more lines of communication. Recently, Matt (mwetmore) started tweeting @ctdrupal and created a LinkedIn group. To further support this effort, we have created a group on and a new Facebook page. But, simply having these new channels will only get us so far. We are reaching out to ask for your help in getting these off the ground and attractive to newcomers. If you would please do any/all of the following, we would certainly appreciate it!

It's important to note that these channels are in no way replacing the group on g.d.o/ct. These are only meant to support the group through attracting new members and to open more lines of communication with services you use every day. Thanks for your support and see you at the next meetup!



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Also, please...if anyone has pictures from any CT Drupal events (meetups, camps, etc.), please fell free to forward them along to me. I would love to get them up on the Facebook and Meetup pages! :)


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