Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Vancouver

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We are in the final month before feature freeze for Drupal 8 and there is so much to get done! So I thought I'd try and gather people together for a 2-day D8 code sprint right here in Vancouver. The dates I have in mind are Friday November 16th and Saturday November 17th, though I've not yet fully confirmed the venue(s).

I'd like to try to gauge interest here before firming everything up and will post this as an event in the group once venue details have been finalised. Please leave a comment here indicating whether you are interested in participating, and if only for one of the days, let me know which day.


Those days work for me!

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Those days work for me!

Sounds fun.

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Sounds fun.


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Can we do more than two days :P? Anyways, I am in.


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I'm good for both days.

I have available cycles, so please email me if you need a gopher or have stuff I can help with.

What kind of work will the

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What kind of work will the sprint be focusing on? I'm happy to help on the 17th, but I'm not familiar with the D8 code base.

Yuriy Babenko | Senior Developer

I'm in!

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Not so familiar with D8 codebase myself, but that's just an excuse to grab a copy and check it out =) I can make at least one of those days, and possibly part of the other.

Saturday works for me!

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Saturday works for me!

You know I'm in! ;-) Just

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You know I'm in! ;-) Just gotta find a place to stay. Would it be downtown?

Saturday is ok for me

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Saturday is ok for me. What will be focus of sprint? Any suggestion?

I'm in for Saturday

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I'm in for Saturday.

Yay - delighted to see so

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Yay - delighted to see so much interest :-) And I forgot to mention that the venue will most likely be in Gastown, although not necessarily the same venue for both days - I am still working this part out ;-)

For anyone who has not worked on Drupal core before, I will be happy to help get you up and running. There should be plenty of issues tagged with the 'Novice' tag that we can get you working on: http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/drupal?status%5B%5D=Open&version...

I guess I could probably find

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I guess I could probably find some time to help out Saturday and probably Friday too. Ahem.

OK, here's the official event

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OK, here's the official event for this: http://groups.drupal.org/node/266638 - go sign up!


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