Popcorn Kernals, Strings, Poppers & JQuery UI Tests

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Well after posting info about discrepencies I noticed on the original popcorn.js library install and getting no feedback, I have continued on doing concurrant development on a drupal implementation for interactive video involving Popcorn for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 6.

My correction works fine on the original installer and I did a modifiction for Drupal 6 to take into account changes to the drupal_add_js function. I have four building units which will act as the foundation for a full interactive video system. Compared to the interactive video system I built a number of years ago for the Calgary Airport Authority, Popcorn seemed to be lacking in a couple of areas but I have been rectifying things in this Drupal based approach. In keeping with the Popcorn nomenclature, the four sections I refer to as Popcorn Kernals, Popcorn Strings, Popcorn Poppers, and Popcorn Bags.

I've been testing as I go, making sure the D6 and D7 systems provide same features. I will be making the final implementation fully visual and with lots of drag 'n' drop to front end the environment. Although I created four sandboxes with git I've been commiting elsewhere and likely will be commiting to Drupal once the visual system is up and running. I've just started looking at the current jQuery UI and have been using reasonably new librararies. On one of my live Drupal 6 sites I have uploaded a few test modules. popcorn d6 tests, jQuery UI tests.

I'll continue using an old existing domain for my Drupal 7 popcorn and jQuery UI tests. D7 Popcorn | D7 jQuery UI.

When experimenting originally with just simple hand coded markup it became clear that the popcorn jquery library of plug-ins hand a number of things in common with the instances as well a a variety of additional options. For recording data structures in the drupal database each instance of plug-in would need a pliant number of fields. These are the "Popcorn Kernals". The minimum requirement would be a single instance of a single plug-in.

A lot of the time though multiple instances of one or more plug-ins were required. This is the basis for "Popcorn Strings". The targets of a Kernal in the form of a video or div tag leads us to "Popcorn Poppers". For this implemenation, Poppers can also have events and event_handlers assigned. Event testing was one of the first things evaluated for the Poppers. While its nice to have the temporal events I wanted certain events which were not native to the original popcorn and also left the door wide open for any kind of event imaginable to be defined and placed into a Popper.

The approach that Skinr used for making CSS behaiours more structured was something I also thought about and wanted to make a place for in this environment. That is the basis for "Popcorn Bags".

I've noticed a few things about the effect that certain themes have on some popcorn plug-ins and specifically when I was running some tests on D6 sites with the Popcorn native text plug-in. I will continue with this evaluation so I can report in my notes.

I am concurrently using the ability of the advanced help module for adding to the documentation process. Once I start also doing the commits to the drupal sandboxes they will actually have information which can be referred to as well as documented examples.

When Services got upgraded to Services 3, the only documentation examples were all Drupal 6 and I once again found myself reading through the code to glean the necessary information.

Poppers is the module which is the furthest along at the moment.


I didn't respond when you

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I didn't respond when you posted an issue on GDO because that's NOT the right way place to post the issue. I did repost the issue to the module's issue queue http://drupal.org/node/1806000 and fixed it.

I've already shown how additional popcorn plugins beyond those included with with the popcorn core js can be done with http://drupal.org/project/popcorn_base and http://drupal.org/project/popcorn_chapters.

I'm going to make another post about collaborating effectively later today or early tomorrow. This is not a problem that's unique to Popcorn in Drupal, but it's really frustrating to see so much redundant work happening here.


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