Expanding policy on removing group organizers

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Currently, the only policy we have for removing group organizers on groups.drupal.org (GDO) is for abandoned groups. As the community and site grows, it's becoming clearer that GDO also needs a wider policy for removing group organizers. In some cases, we have orgaizers who haven't abandoned groups, but are otherwise harming the purpose of the site, facilitating collaboration within the Drupal community. In other cases, we have organizers of groups with no activity for over a year, clearly inactive, but we're still waiting 2 weeks. This is especially important as we continue to streamline approval of new groups.

Here is a proposed additional policy:

The site owners of groups.drupal.org are tasked by the Drupal Association to foster thriving Drupal user groups. To further that goal, we occasionally need to make ownership changes. Group organizers will be removed for extended neglect or repeated/extreme violations of the Drupal Code of Conduct.

We hope to use this policy rarely, if at all, but would like to have a published policy in place when such circumstances arise. If you have any feedback on this proposal, please share in the issue at http://drupal.org/node/1857264, so we can consolidate discussion in one place.