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2013-01-10 14:00 - 15:00 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

10 things you need to know to optimize a Drupal website for any device or platform.

January 10th
North America – 2PM EST. Register Here

What’s it about:
According to Silicon Valley Insider, this year, the iPad outsold every major personal computer maker. We are officially moving into the “One Screen” age where consumers can watch movies, make a phone call and browse the internet all with a single, mobile device. With technology rolling full steam ahead, you need to ensure your online presence is at its best no matter what device or operating system it’s loading on.

Whether your organization is looking at Drupal as a potential CMS, or already have Drupal as their CMS, the ability to work across all device platforms is well within Drupal’s potential. Any Drupal asset can be made so that it can detect, and easily adapt to any and all mobile platforms/devices, without losing functionality.

But making the decision to take your Drupal CMS to other device platforms includes much more than just flipping a switch. There are other considerations such as those that involve:

  • Project Conception and Management – what to think about and how to run the project
  • Business Analysis – identifying needs and goals for reaching users across platforms
  • Design of your asset – what’s it going to look like on the device its viewed on
  • Development of your asset – how’s it going to work from platform to platform
  • Thorough testing – ensuring what’s been made will work
  • Deployment – where you’re going to find it

During this webinar we will discuss, and in some cases demonstrate, 10 things that will make your efforts successful in making your new (or existing) Drupal property mobile friendly. The goal in mind being to work seamlessly across any device or platform your Drupal asset may encounter.

Project Spotlight:
During the part of the presentation we will provide actual project specifics and a demo of what Appnovation and Acquia did for the NYC DOT to take their Drupal site across multiple devices and platforms.



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hey, thanks for putting up and North American version! Timing works out much better for those of us in the states.

just saw you found it

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Hey Jen,
please disregard my comment in the other sign-up notice. I just saw you found the NA version. Glad you did, see you there!


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