October 2009 - At McDonalds in Apple Valley

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2009-10-07 18:00 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

The High Desert Drupal group meets the first Wednesday of every month. This local group is a nice place for people to learn and talk about Drupal, a world popular content management system (CMS). We also talk about web development in general, covering all aspects from planning, design, development, and maintaining a web site. RSVP is not required and attendance is free. Tell all your friends!

What are we going to talk about?

We're in for a big night at High Desert Drupal. There will be three presentations for the night. Of course, if anyone wants to give a lightning talk for the night, the floor will be open for that as well. Without further do, here is what is scheduled for the night:

Introduction to Drupal.

Tom Friedhof, developer from ActiveLAMP, will give us an introduction to Drupal. With all the choices out there to build a web site (i.e. Drupal, Joomla!, Zend Framework, custom, etc...), why would anyone want to use Drupal? That's the million dollar question. Is Drupal the "holy grail" of web development? We will hear why ActiveLAMP uses Drupal and why you should consider using Drupal for your next web project. As far as answering if it's the "holy grail", that will be for you to decide.

Translations in Drupal.

For the crowd that is already familiar with Drupal and have a site already running, Helior Colorado, also from ActiveLAMP, will talk about how to translate your existing Drupal site into another language using the various translation modules that Drupal has.

Editing Views with code.

For the Drupal Ninja's out there, Kevin Herrington, yet another developer from ActiveLAMP, will introduce us to modifying your views through the API. When the views UI doesn't have the setting you're looking for, one way to get what you want views to do is to modify the views object directly. Kevin will explain to us how this works.

Where are we meeting?

We are meeting in the McDonalds conference room at the Apple Valley McDonalds on the corner of Apple Valley Rd and Bear Valley Rd. The room seats up to 49 people and is free to use.

If you plan on attending, sign up for an account on this site and then click the "Sign Up" button below to let us know you're coming. You DO NOT have to sign up on this site to attend, you can just show up. If you do sign up, you'll be emailed a reminder for the meeting on one day before the meeting.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions.