Beginning Drupal Online Course

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2013-02-11 13:00 - 2013-02-12 17:00 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

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Our Beginning Drupal course introduces you to the core concepts behind building websites in Drupal.  This course will take you through a series of practical exercises to build a functional Drupal site and prepare you to initiate your own dynamic websites using Drupal.  

This course will cover:

  • Adding and Editing site content
  • Creating new content types and fields
  • User management
  • Controlling the look of your site with Themes
  • Installing extra modules to add functionality to your site
  • Keeping your site up-to-date
  • Using the Drupal community to learn even more


Early Bird(10 tickets): $125
Regular: $175

System Requirements

These webinars will be held using GotoWebinar.  Please make sure that your system meets these system requirements and test GotoWebinar using this link before you purchase your ticket.


The webinars will be recorded so that you will be able to view the recording if you miss any portion of the webinar.

Online Schedule

This course will be taught in two 4 hour online webinars.

Webinar #1 1 PM to 5 PM Monday Febuary 11th
Webinar #2 1 PM to 5 PM Tuesday Febuary 12th

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Notes for a more Drupal Savvy Audience
This course will be useful to those beginning with Drupal or those that have been playing for a while with it but feel they have missed some of the basics.

I will be teaching this course myself you can see my profile here.

If you have any questions feel free contact via d.o contact or Six Mile Tech

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