Intro to Drupal Module Development

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2013-02-11 13:00 - 2013-02-12 17:00 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

This online instructor led course will get you started in Drupal Module Development.  Whether you want to learn module development for you own projects or to advance you career as a developer this course is for you.

Although Drupal can be used as a powerful tool to make websites without writing any code learning to code for Drupal greatly expands what Drupal can do for you.

This course will cover these topics

  • Creating the Module files and where to put them
  • Drupal's Hook System and how to use it
  • Creating Menu Entries and making Permissions
  • Making, Altering and Responding to Drupal Forms
  • Creating your own Blocks
  • Writing Custom code in your module that integrates with Drupal core and other modules(Without Hacking!)
  • When to write code and when NOT to write code!

This course assumes you have a working knowledge of PHP as well as Drupal site building and configuration.   If you are new to Drupal you may be interested in our Beginning Drupal Online course

You will also need to have a local copy of Drupal running on your own computer. If you haven't already set this up you may want to use Acquia Dev Desktop

To create and edit the module files you will need either an IDE or Text Editor that is setup to edit PHP files.

Reccomended Text Editors

Mac: TextWrangler
Download Link:

Windows: Notepad++ 
Download Link:


Nice links there!

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I use Netbeans, with xdebug for line by line debugging. Its free, and it works amazingly well.

What IDE do you use for Drupal anyway?