Planning Drupal Camp

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It's about time to start thinking Drupal Camp. Let us know if you can come by for a meeting, or drop a comment if you're interested in helping but can't make it.


Definitely interested! I'm

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Definitely interested! I'm not sure I can help in the planning but I'd be happy to help on the day of or anything I can do while being mostly in Milwaukee.

We'll take whatever help we

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We'll take whatever help we can get :)

June 26, 27, and 28, are bad dates

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FYI... June 26, 27, and 28, are bad dates. On those dates, there are other IT-ish conferences in the State, like CWCW (conference for campus web developers in the UW System) and IM.Comm (conference for integrated web marketing professionals at UW System campuses). I know a few of our staff at UW-Platteville would like to attend DrupalCampWI, but they won't be able to if DrupalCampWI is on June 26, 27, or 28. ...and, you know, it's all about us. :) ...not really, but I think a lot of other UW System employees would face this dilemma, too, if DrupalCampWI is on June 26, 27, or 28. Just my two cents. -Sasquatch

NOOOO!!! I mean, great! I

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NOOOO!!! I mean, great! I assume this is going to be a "camp" again this year and not a summit?

That's right -- just a camp.

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That's right -- just a camp. The consequence is, we have a little less hands-on help than we have in previous years. How's that for a not-so-subtle request for assistance? :)


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Where are things with DC WIsconsin? Anything I can do (from up here in the great white north) to help out?

Steve Hanson
Cruiskeen Consulting LLC -

A well timed question!

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Good timing, Steve! We have a Camp Planning meeting next Thursday (5/30) at 4pm here at UW-Madison at Union South (outside facing Wendt Library or inside if weather is bad).
We'll assume you're there in spirit, and will delegate plenty of work up your way :)

One thing I can offer

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Is some help with the web site and/or free hosting for it if you need it ( I hosted the site 2 years back).

Steve Hanson
Cruiskeen Consulting LLC -

Is this meeting still on?

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Way to find the group?

Is it safe to assume that

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Is it safe to assume that anyone interested helping out can come to this meeting?

Also, what dates are you thinking about for the camp?


Good questions!

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Other than avoiding dates that have other events, the schedule is pretty open (other than "sometime in summer"). All are welcome.
Web hosting would be a fantastic offer -- we may take you up on it, Steve! Keep in touch.

June 25-29 are bad dates

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Just a reminder, since you mentioned avoiding conflicts with other events... June 25-29 is bad because there are two other web-related conferences going on in Wisconsin that week, namely CWCW and IM.Comm.

I'm available to help plan/produce.

Looking forward to DrupalCampWI!

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More bad dates

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UX Madison/Design Madison are July 11-14
Forward Technology Festival is /probably/ mid-August
Madison Ruby is August 22-24 - I believe this also falls during

And avoid MWDS

Looks good

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We had a great meeting yesterday, and the dates we picked don't conflict with any of the above. We'll post a "save the date" once we've secured the location.

BOF Idea

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I agree. Great meeting, and I love the dates. Can't wait. I'll be brining my team of student workers. We're all looking forward to it.

Just to elaborate on the birst-of-a-feather (BOF) ideas we were talking about... I recall last year a lot of us felt like it's hard to recruit a lot of talented presenters for our favorite topics. Often we feel like there are 'n' hot topics we would love to learn about at a conference, but we can only recruit n-x talented presenters to talk about them. As much as we all love a well crafted PowerPoint replete with clever photos and puns, what we love even more is getting answers to all of our questions and learning those important things we didn't even know we wanted to learn. I find there are a lot of people who can help make that happen, but what they're missing is the clever PowerPoint, or the time to develop a presentation, talk, etc.

So what if, in addition to traditional presentations and workshops, we promote more of a "town hall discussion" when recruiting presenters? Then things are much more manageable, and more about dreaming up topics, and less about obsessing over the perfect PowerPoint.

Notice I say "Town Hall Discussion" instead of "BOF" because I think "BOF" turn a lot of people off because they have a preconceived notion of what a BOF is. For man, "BOF" means anarchy. It means trying in vain to find out where the BOFs are being held, throwing out an idea for a BOF and hoping people show up, ultimately finding that not many people show up because of the lack of structure, and the people who do show up are often held hostage by one or two people who monopolize the conversation because there is no moderator.

So perhaps we could use different words to describe this format, like "Town Hall Discussion," or some other name? The difference compared to BOF might be...

  • Topics are generated in advance of the camp
  • Qualified moderators are recruited to run the sessions
  • Sessions are scheduled with times and locations just like presentations and workshops
  • As much as possible, moderators try to elicit questions and answers from the attendees, instead of a scripted presentation
  • Moderators are prepared to fill the lulls by talking about the subject in an extemporaneous sort of way, recommend resources, etc, which they are able to do because they are experienced in the subject matter

One thing I really like about this idea is it's more honest. This is a way of saying, "Hey, just because I'm moderating this session, that doesn't mean I know more than everyone in the room. I'm experienced, yes, and I'll share what I know, but I'm also hoping others in the audience will be able to contribute questions, answers, ideas, etc."

Another thing I really like is that these sorts of sessions should be much easier to fill with qualified moderators than traditional presentations and workshops.

But we could still do all three. This "Town Hall Discussion" (or whatever you want to call it) could just be one of the "modes" available when submitting a presentation idea. And in the schedule, it could just be one of the modes scattered amongst the various time slots and tracks.

So it's kind of like a BOF, but just a bit more formal, with a bit of planning, organization, and quality control.


  • John
JohnVieth's picture, I mean, birds of a feather, not birst of a feather. Cut me off!

I know I'm late to the party,

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I know I'm late to the party, but I'm interested in learning more about DrupalCamp Madison, and what I can do to help.

Thanks & next meeting

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Thanks for the offer! Keep your eyes here for things to do, or come to...

Our next planning meeting will be Thursday (6/13) at 4pm here at UW-Madison at Union South (outside facing Wendt Library or inside if weather is bad).


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Just a reminder.....

planning meeting for drupalcamp is today!
4:00 PM
at Union South (outside facing Wendt Library

  • location updates
  • attendee updates
  • website updates (if I get my ass in gear)
  • financial updates


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