ULT or similar for referee assignment?

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I'm trying to put together a website for our local AYSO region to manage team, field, and division organization. ULT is awesome so far for all of that. One important piece of the puzzle is referee assignment, which does not appear to be a function of ULT.

Here's what I am trying to do for referee assignment:
- User accounts may be added to "referee" group (already got this)
- User profiles may specify referee certification level/age group (already got this)
- Open any game event, present a list of available and appropriate refs with single slot for center ref and 2 slots for assistant refs
-- List should exclude refs that have game conflicts
Assigned refs are "pending" until they accept
- Assigned referees get a single "digest" email notification they have open assignments
- Assigned refs log in to account and "accept" or "deny" assignments

Have any of you fine folk used Drupal to do referee assignment? What modules would you suggest I pursue for this?

Thank you for any and all assistance.


Referee assigning

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Hi there--

It isn't a Drupal module, but I own a web-based referee assigning service that would do everything that you've listed.


I doubt that you'll find much in the open source world that does everything that you're looking for. I've looked :)

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

Jeff Wigal

I appreciate the suggestion.

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I appreciate the suggestion. I've looked at assignr previously. We're an AYSO region, so 100% volunteer, with no budget for paid ref assigning.