Running Drupal on Windows 2012 and SQL Server 2012

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Hi All,

We are getting ready to receive new servers for our website. I am currently running Drupal 7 on IIS 7.5 and SQL Server 2008R2. The OS on both servers is Windows 2008R2. Is anyone running Windows and SQLServer 2012? I'd like the newest versions on the incoming servers but not sure if it is compatible or not.

Any insight is appreciated.



I'm interested as well

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I'm interested as well running Drupal on Win 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Have you had any progress on this?

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I was able to deploy both 7 and 8 using Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, PHP 5.5 (which has support for 5.3 when installed from MS Web Platform Installer). URL Rewrite 2.0 and used the correct web.config (did not import .htaccess as it wouldn't work in IIS 8) from acquia install that everyone references except I removed "|Install|" from the prying eyes stuff so that I could use GUI to install modules else you get a 403 forbidden error. Had to give full control permissions to the "users" to the files and tmp directories post install for everything to work. I installed and tested Webform 4.x and created and submitted a form without issue. I did not have to delete "|modules|" or "|profile|" from prying eyes but you may need to do this when all said and done but as a localhost connection I didn't with a basic authenticated user.

Hope this helps someone else too.

PHP 5.5 / 5.3

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I also set the site to use 5.3 and not 5.5 since Drupal 7 recommended version is 5.3 and even 5.4 presents it's own challenges. Remember MS Web Platform Installer is your friend for these base needs mentioned in a bunch of other posts regarding IIS and Drupal.

web platform installer stinks

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Using the web platform installer I usually end up getting a bunch of garbage installed that I don't want (SQL Express for example).

This is the best guide I have found is for a manual install on Windows 7 which seems to work fairly well for 2012r2 running IIS 8.5 and a standalone 2012r2 with 2012 MS SQL server:

edit - I did deviate and avoid the Web Platform Installer for php as well, instead I mostly followed this guide but updated it for php 5.5 (had to track down the modified SQL server driver since MS doesn't have an official release yet):

I have not attempted to manually install drush though (the auto install/msi doesn't work on 2012) and when I attempted to install the panopoly distro it wasn't very successful either. But I am able to get drupal core up with a decent selection of modules and themes going (all manually installed).

I do occasionally hit some very frustrating issues with regards to file paths where drupal occasionally seems to append to an environment variable or php.ini path and mix forward slashes in with backward slashes (getting open_base_dir to work is also a pain).

I am currently in the process

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I am currently in the process of doing this on 2012 R2 Server and IIS 8. The correct link to Chris Larson's article is:

For a step by step

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For a step by step understanding of what you are doing visit this post:

It skips the obious, but explains conceptually how the pieces involved in setting up Drupal on IIS + SQL Server work.

The post is actually from the people behind the SQL Server Driver for Drupal Module and the Wincache Module, both needed to properly run Drupal on Windows.