Multiple authors listed for single content type

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Can anyone enlighten me as to how to get multiple authors listed when a content type is displayed?
Openpublish comes out of the can with multiple authors for various content types, but it does not display them on posts, only the first listed. To fix this, do I have to mess with a template or css or both or add a check mark somewhere in the appearance configuration settings...


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By enabling a user reference field with multiple allowed values on the content type then just disabling display of authoring info on that content type and instead display the user reference fields.

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Thanks for the response Mdiamanka!

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But I'm still at a loss... The content type are all the defaults that come with the Openpublish for Drupal 7 installation profile. Take the "Article" content type for instance; the field type is a node reference to the Profile content type. The number of values is set to unlimited for the Article's author(s) field.
The Manage Display settings for the Author(s) field format is 'Rendered View' and the "View:openpublish_related_content" and "Display: Node Author (block_1)" are listed beside. But still, even though an article has more than one author, the post still only lists the first author, the only folks who can see it has two are those who have the rights to edit content, since clicking edit is the only way so far you can tell there are multiple authors.

Any examples of more than one author displaying out there??

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I can't find one on any of the various openpublish based sites... which doesn't necessarily mean it isn't working... but seeing it in the wild and viewing source may help me get to the bottom of why I can't get it to work...

It shows up as two authors on

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It shows up as two authors on my site -- though the theme I'm using doesn't have css for it so it looks silly