September Salt Lake DUG Meeting

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2013-09-26 07:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

The September DUG meeting will be held at the Lever Pulley / CentralPoint office located right in the center of SugarHouse. Bring your computer, business cards, and Drupal questions.

Social hour prior to the meeting directly below the office at Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta. If you plan on going to this part let us know here so Walt knows who to look for.

Parking in the back (behind Fidler's Elbow and Well's Fargo). The door to get to the office is right off 2100 South, should be a Drupal drop on the door. The address: 1061 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


  • One breath introductions
  • Topic 1: Intro to SASS
    Some basic level information about what SASS is and what it can do for the front-end developer.
  • Topic 2: Feeds, a love-hate relationship
    A demonstration on feeds importer with a group discussion about what it can and can't do... and probably some real life "WTF's" to make you feel better about your experiences...

Don't forget, we have an IRC channel. It's #drupal-utah on the Freenode network, join us there.


I've been using SASS a lot on

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I've been using SASS a lot on my BOA server, and I completely love the way SASS works... when it does work. Randomly, it will do one of two things: either decide that there are random errors somewhere in the document that aren't really there, or just compile no styles (or only a few lines worth of styles). Usually I can re-upload the exact same document 3 or 4 times and it will properly compile eventually. Sometimes I have to do compass clean // compass watch, or even disconnect from SSH and reconnect.

I wonder if you or anyone's ever experienced this? People just think I'm crazy when I mention it in IRC. But it's becoming very frustrating... like the computer who cried wolf. Now when I have an actual honest error, I just sit there re-saving my document for a while because I don't think it's real. :/

Hope to see you at the DUG event, should be able to make this one

I haven't run into the

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I haven't run into the not-really-there-errors but I have run into the compiling problem where it looses the styles. At first I thought it was related to BOA but after having used it on a regular server and still having the issue I can't tell what's causing it. I usually trick it into recompiling by adding a line or two somewhere.

Looking forward

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I'll be there early for the social hour. Maybe I'll bring some MonaVie juice with me for those of us who don't drink. The juice bottles look like wine bottles so at least we can feel kinda cool. :)

Free Stuff!

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I have the Sept 2013 Issue of Drupal Watchdog that I plan to give away at this month's meeting. Probably skip, rock paper, scissors this time... Derek cheats at it anyway.